Monday, 30 December 2019

F4Thought #130 - 2019 in a Nutshell

2019 in a nutshell
#F4Thought #130 - 2019 in a Nutshell ~ Did you complete your 2019 goals? Is there something that you are particularly proud of from 2019? What were your most popular blogging posts of the year?

Reading through your Catch Up posts made me realise what great topics we have covered over the last 6 months. Please message Floss or me with any suggestions you have for future prompts.


Spotlight Post for #129  catch up by May More


I knew almost as soon as I started read Miss Scarlet's post for the MeToo topic that I was going to relate to it and I was right. I felt so apprehensive on Miss Scarlet's behalf as she set the scene and took me step by step though her ordeal. 

We went through the stile and immediately we got to the other side I felt him try to grab my hand.  I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to alarm him and put myself in more danger and I didn’t want to panic, so I just moved my hand  right behind my back and just walked as fast as I could. He kept up with me and said, ‘ we will have to arrange to meet here every day.’  READ MORE


Prompt #130 ~ 2019 in a Nutshell

Monday, 23 December 2019

F4Thought #129 - Catch Up & Further Thoughts

Catch up and Further Thoughts #F4Thought
#F4Thought #129 Catch Up and Further Thoughts

As the festive season approaches we are all slowing down a little, or in some cases getting busier with family, or in my (Floss) case, work becomes the busiest it will be all year. So we are grateful for anyone who pitches up and shares their work with us for F4T whilst you have so many other things going on. I personally did write a post for last week’s prompt, but just didn’t get to share it in time, luckily that will be remedied soon though with this week’s prompt. 

Spotlight Post #128 by Floss

This week’s spotlight post was first in the link-up for our topic of lies and while it was hosted on May’s site, it was actually penned by her partner Inigo More. I must admit in part I’ve picked this for the spotlight post, not only for my own reasons but for people’s reactions to it. I think it for sure would have been the people’s choice too. I think the honesty surrounding a decision that perhaps isn’t one we are used to hearing and the explanation behind his reasoning and how things have moved forward for him since that moment meant we were all moved by Inigo’s post and I am thoroughly grateful he shared his story with us. 

‘Having assured me she was using the contraceptive pill, my girlfriend had in fact lied. And for several weeks had been doing no such thing. She decided that becoming pregnant was a good idea. Arrived at this conclusion entirely in her own mind, making no attempt to discuss the subject with me. The relationship itself was already foundering and I don’t doubt that played a part in her rather desperate actions.’ Read More …
Prompt 129 - Catchup & Further Thoughts

Thursday, 19 December 2019

#F4T Chef List 2019

#F4T Chef List 2019

To be a Food for Thought Chef you need to put your thinking hat on regularly. And turn mere words into a gourmet delight.

In my opinion those who eat well, think well.

Floss and I love that Food for Thought is a thinking meme. Always remember good food feeds the brain.

And without further ado I will give you the #F4T Chefs of 2019

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

F4Thought #128 - Lies

lies cherub cross
#F4Thought #128 - Lies -
How old were you when you first realised Santa was a lie?
What are white lies?
Thank you all who entered into Bucket Lists for last weeks prompts. It was great reading them and I also got a few ideas of things I would like to do in the future.

Spotlight Post #127 by Liz Black

When you think of bucket lists, you often think about bungee-jumping or holidays far away. What struck me with the entries this week, was how practical and close to home our wishes were. Many of us have seen the darker side of life and know it's futile to aim for the stars when all can be changed tomorrow. I chose Sweetgirl's post as Spotlight post this week because she talks about wishes and how feasible they are, or aren't. Despite her setbacks, she still has dreams and desires. I hope for her, and for all of us, our dreams will come true in 2020!

Quote: “I don’t really have lists of what I want to do, I gave up on them after my dad died. What is the point of making lists and plans when they can be taken from you at the drop of a hat? So I can’t really do a bucket list. I believe if you want to do something bad enough don’t ever wait, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Instead I am going to do a wish list.” READ MORE...

Prompt #128 Lies by May

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Bucket List ~ Guest Post

bucket list guest post pja woode
#f4thought Bucket List ~ Guest Post PJA Woode

My Bucket List

Well I guess I had to pen something as this theme was my idea.  I have been incredibly lucky because in my real life I have pretty much done most things I want to do; I’ve met some amazing people, been to many amazing places and done lots of fabulous things.  I’ve enjoyed a truly fantastic career, too.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

F4Thought #127 - Bucket Lists

Bucket Lists #F4Thought
#F4Thought #127 Bucket Lists
It is no surprise that books got us all talking. I absolutely loved reading about everyone’s first experiences with reading and what books they hold dear to them. Some of them really tugged at my heartstrings and others had me heading straight to amazon to add them to my reading list. However, my favourite is not relevant because the wonderful Molly of Mollysdailykiss fame chose the spotlight post for us this week. 

Spotlight Post #126 by @Mollysdailykiss

I love books and I love reading and so I was delighted when May asked me to pick the spotlight post this week. I read them all and came away with a few possible books to add to my collection but one of the posts stood out to me more than the others because of how similar it was to how I feel about books and reading. Floss's post almost feels a bit like a love letter to books and I have a feeling like me, she could have easily written another 1000 words on this subject and written a much longer list of books she loves.

‘All this to say, I couldn’t possibly pick one book, there are so many books that have moved me, excited me, enthralled me and whisked me away on adventures as I read them. I read for the same reason I write … feeling. I write in the hopes I will make people feel something, and I read to feel too. If a book doesn’t stir something up inside me then it isn’t a book for me.’ Read More …

Prompt #127 - Bucket Lists

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

F4Thought #126 - One Book

#F4Thought #126 - One Book ~ What do books mean to you?
We all love to indulge and it was fun reading about how indulgence and vice are viewed by you guys. We always appreciate the support you give us by linking up to the meme.

Spotlight Post #125 by May More

My man entered the meme this week over on his new blog with a great post and Melody also pushed my indulgence buttons. But the one that I really kept thinking about is from the previous host of Food for Thought – Kilted Wookie. He wrote so openly about his feelings regarding cunnilingus. So personal and so inspiring. I hated this act when I was younger. It really takes someone who shows they love it, to make the difference. And KW is that person in this post.

“So combined with taste is the scent of her; so impossible to avoid breathing in as my tongue explores every fold of her cunt. Then there are the sounds she makes as my tongue works it magic” READ MORE...

I recommend it!

Prompt #126 One Book 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

F4Thought #125 - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice

Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice #F4Thought
#F4Thought #125 Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice
Last week’s prompt of ‘Freedom’ produced some extremely fine pieces of writing. I absolutely loved what each and every one of you wrote and while I did indeed have my favourites, it was the task of the wonderful and talented Eye to make this week’s spotlight decision and I think you will agree she made a fabulous decision. 

Spotlight Post #124 by @_Masterseye

When May asked me to choose this week's spotlight post for Food for Thought I wondered if
#F4TSpotlight Post
it was going to be possible as I would be travelling in Vietnam at the time. I found, however, that the slight restriction on my free time here gave more than it took in enabling me to recognise the enormity of the freedom I was experiencing. As a metaphor it is pretty good, as an experience it is perfect. My choice this week perfectly illustrates the way freedom feels. 

As Liz Black says in her post this realisation can come upon us gradually but once we grasp it we know exactly what it is ...

“Gradually I’ve come to discover that this counts as real freedom... .I recognise it in myself, because when I get excited about something, I speak up. I sit up taller, my voice gets louder (which is not always commendable when you’re in a vanilla setting), and I get to be the real me.' Read More

As always there is some excellent writing from many other bloggers here. Grab a coffee and join the exploration of what freedom means (and what it doesn't).

Prompt #125 - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

F4Thought #124 - Freedom

#F4Thought #124 - Freedom ~ How important is your freedom?
#F4Thought #124 - Freedom ~ How important is your freedom?

Once again thank you to everyone who linked up to last weeks prompt of LOVE. Indeed, love is a wonderful thing as were your posts.

Spotlight Post #123 by Sweetgirl

Sweetgirl's blog goes from strength to strength. She has also been a supporter of Food for Thought
Spotlight Post #123
for a long time so we were very pleased when she agreed to choose last weeks Spotlight post. Over to Sweet...

There were some brilliant entries and I struggled to pick just one, but in the end I selected this one by SubMissy because it stayed with me. I think loving ourselves a little better is such an important goal and something we are not necessarily as good at as we should be.

I want to love my life and everything about it and this won’t happen if I am being down on myself."  READ MORE...

Friday, 15 November 2019

The Things We Do For Love - Guest Post

#F4Thought The Things We Do For Love - Guest Post by PJA Woode

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I am starting off this post in a somewhat similar vein to my last one.  So here goes: I suspect that most of the other posts about the things people do for love are all about the ways others have gone that extra mile to please/excite/satisfy/amuse their lover.  But for me, it is the opposite.
I’ve been with my partner for well over thirty years and we get on really well. We share passions
and interest, have the same values, enjoy each other’s company and have fun together.  We are
still very much in love (corny, I know, but true).

But, there has to be a but, doesn’t there?

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

F4Thought #123 - The Things We Do For Love

The Things We Do For Love #F4Thought
#F4Thought #123 The Things We Do For Love
There were so many good perspectives on Faking Orgasms from last week’s prompt and as the task for choosing the spotlight post fell to the lovely blogger who suggested the topic, Julie of Master’s Pleasing Bitch.

Spotlight Post #122 by @MPBJulie

Julie chose Faking an orgasm - not quite a good idea by Isabelle Lauren saying … 

Spotlight Post #122
The following quote really struck a note; ‘I think that’s what surprised me the most about having enjoyable sex again. I thought my body would remember how to orgasm – kinda like how you never forget how to ride a bike – but nothing was further from the truth.’ Read More

I chose Lauren's post because the need to write about this topic once she saw it shone through. Her post came from the heart as she unpacks the reasons for faking orgasms and the pain (physical and emotional) that followed.

But then this: ‘As to whether an orgasm is important to me… If I’m honest: no, not really. Of course I’d love to orgasm during sex, but it’s not necessary.’ This is the experience of so many of us once we are in a happy, stable and loving relationship.

Prompt #123 - The Things We Do For Love

I didn’t exactly think this post up by myself. It was actually inspired by Anything he wants: love, piss and foolishness by the fantabulous Girl on the Net. I remember reading it and thinking, ‘you know what, I wonder what the lovely F4Thought participants have done for love?’ Maybe like Meat Loaf, you’d do anything for love, but you won’t do that. Either way, I’m eager to hear what this prompt inspires you to write about. 

Friday, 8 November 2019

Faking Orgasms ~ Guest Post

faking orgasms
#f4thought Faking Orgasms ~ Guest Post PJA Woode

When you hear the phrase ‘faking it’ you probably think of women putting on a performance to assuage the sexual ego of a male partner. There could be a multitude of reasons for her action and doubtless many are listed in the other posts here.

Monday, 4 November 2019

F4Thought #122 - Faking Orgasms

F4Thought #122 faking orgasms
#F4Thought #122 ~ Faking Orgasms - Have you ever faked your climax?
Last weeks prompt of secrets certainly got you writing about all types of secrets, sexual and otherwise. Thank you to everyone who joined in.

J.Lynn has been a supporter of Food for Thought since Floss and I took over back in week #101. So I was very happy when she agreed to choose the spotlight post for week #121.

Spotlight Post #121 by J.Lynn

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone’s secrets or how they have handled keeping a secret.
faking orgasms
#121 Spotlight Post
Being a bit of a secret hoarder myself has its perks and it thrills me knowing about a little piece of a person that no one else may know. I’m not the vindictive type so even if I have a falling-out with a person their secret is still safe with me.

This brings me to why I chose Melody from Melody Insights this week; she has shared her secret with us throughout her blog, but this post really hit a soft spot. As children we are like sponges- we learn, observe, and internalize how we are brought up. This is key in the way we interact with other people and whether or not we let them see our true selves.

“Those of us brought up in a different era would never let on we’d been in trouble at school.  It would only earn extra punishment from parents, potentially painful physical punishment – extra incentive to learn to keep secrets; learning to dissemble in a way that’s not an outright lie.  As a child we learn to keep stuff that can hurt or embarrass us a secret.  One such being that any expression of non-maleness; an absolute taboo." READ MORE...

Prompt #122 Faking Orgasms

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

F4Thought #121 - Secrets

Secrets #F4Thought
#F4Thought #121 Secrets
Photo by Floss Liddell & Used With Permission
Last week’s prompt of ‘The Road Not Travelled’ saw some amazing and truly heartfelt posts in the link-up. This week’s Spotlight Post was a Spotlight Round-up which was done by Swirling Fire. She chose posts from Melody Insights, Francesca Demont and Steeled Snake Charmer. Read her thoughts in F4Thought #120 - Round-Up

Prompt #121 - Secrets

From little secrets that are relatively harmless to big secrets that can change the course of someone’s life, we’ve all experienced some kind of secret-keeping in our lifetime. Sometimes they are best shared, sometimes the less said about them the better. What kind of secrets have you kept? And which ones have you shared?

Monday, 28 October 2019

F4Thought #120 - Round Up

f4thought #120 Round up
#f4thought #120 Round up by Swirly  

With over twenty wonderful posts it seemed like it would be best to have a spotlight three. Thanks again to Annie Savoy for letting us use her image as the header and without further ado I will hand over to Swirly who has chosen the round up for this week... Many thanks to Swirly too ;-)

Spotlight Round up Week #120

Monday, 21 October 2019

F4Thought #120 - The Road Not Taken

#F4Thought #120 ~ The Road Not Taken

#F4Thought #120 ~ The Road Not Taken ~ what kind of person do you think you would be, or what would you be doing now, if you had taken a different road?

Some very emotive themes were bought up for last weeks topic of moments and memories. I was grateful that Melody was choosing the spotlight with so many great entries to chose from.

Spotlight Post #119 ~ by Melody

The 'Memories' prompt for #F4Thought was one I was going to sit out. So I was delighted to be asked to
the road not taken
#119 Spotlight Post
take part by picking the spotlight post.

The posts were as varied as I hoped for. Some memories being tough, others poignant and some being more whimsical. I don't look at this as picking a winner, it's too subjective for that. When it comes to choosing a post it boils down to the very intangible 'how did it make me feel?'

To this end I've chosen "These Moments In Time" by Submissy. It reminded me just how much the big things depend on grasping and enjoying the little things that can seem inconsequential and in doing so brought a big smile to my face.

"The moments made are the little things, the things that we could easily do without, those moments in time that, once passed, will never be thought of again. They are insignificant to the turning of the wheels of life but so important nonetheless. Without them, something never-known and never-missed is lost. With them, something undetectable and unquantifiable is gained. It is a strange irony but I have tried to grasp those thoughts and make them moments in time, for from those small gestures, larger things are born." READ MORE...

Prompt #120 The Road Not Taken

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

F4Thought #119 - Memories, Moments and Wanting More

Memories, Moments & Wanting More #F4Thought
#F4Thought #119 Memories, Moment & Wanting More
We got a wonderful variety of posts last week, some focusing on safewords in the BDSM contexts, other considering words that made our fellow bloggers feel safe within their relationship or sexual dynamics. Thank you to Francesca Demont for suggesting the prompt for us, we also left the tough choice of which post would be the spotlight post this week. I think you’ll agree she picked a fab one. 

Spotlight Post #118

When I proposed the prompt for F4Thought #118, I had no idea what responses it would
#F4TSpotlight by Francesca Demont
generate.  I was just curious how others felt about the use of safewords or words that make you feel safe. The experience that is reflected in the thought-provoking posts is obviously impossible to capture in a single highlight.  The post that prompted me to sit up and think about my own experience came from Sweetgirl. 

“I know there are some long term couples who rarely use their Safewords, so much so, that they might say they don’t need one, but, it could be argued that this is because they do not push into those RED areas anymore, they are content within the scope of play they have.” Read More

Prompt #119 - Memories, Moments and Wanting More

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

F4Thought #118 - Safe Words

#F4Thought #116 ~ safe words
#F4Thought #118 ~ Safe Words 

I have loved all your kissing posts. Some had me longing for that kiss that makes butterflies flutter in your stomach. Often when you have just met someone. But it was wonderful to read so many of you still experience that with a long-term partner. 

Spotlight Post #117

So choosing just one of the posts was difficult. But I found I couldn't quite forget what Annabel wrote
safe words
#F4Thought #117 Spotlight Post
about her early days with Raven. A part of me is envious of people who have stuck with their first love/first kiss person. This post made me feel all of that – and it is super hot too.

The kiss is all consuming. I am no longer aware of anything outside of our embrace. I can no longer hear his siblings bantering in the other room. I am intensely focused on the feelings I am experiencing. I find myself in familiar territory of yearning for something but not really knowing what it is. So as we are prone to doing, we start exploring each other to see what offers us relief or heightens the sensation.”    READ MORE …

Prompt #118 ~ Safe Words OR Words that make you feel Safe...

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

F4Thought #117 - Kissing

Kissing #F4Thought
#F4Thought #117 Kissing
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first week back after our break as we set the wheels in motion for our new schedule. We returned with a fairly intense topic but you didn’t let us down and we got a great variety of posts. 

#116 Spotlight Post

#F4TSpotlight Post
Choosing a spotlight post for a topic like this isn’t easy. Each one shared a unique experience and I nodded along in agreement with so many of the thoughts shared. The piece that really got me in the feels though was Me, You, Us by Zebra Rose. Not only were the points made all too relatable but it was also beautifully written. 

You’re allowed to say no. You’re free to decline. You don’t owe anyone your attention or affection, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice yourself to earn theirs. But beware; if you choose rejection, you do so at your own risk.’ Read More

Prompt #117 - Kissing

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

F4Thought #116 - Me Too

#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too
#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too

We are back after a short break and have a new schedule.
F4Thought will now run from Tuesday morning until Sunday evening – UK Time. 

This gives us plenty of time to choose a spotlight post or write a roundup if needed.

The last prompt #115 was all about Music and you can take a look at my spotlight picks here. Not to mention we published a fabulous SoSS post the other day and could not believe all the amazing articles you guys have written over the fifteen weeks Floss and I have been hosting the meme. 

Onto this week.

Prompt #116 #MeToo - your understanding and/or experience.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

#SOSS - A F4Thought Special

#SOSS A F4Thought Special
#SOSS - A #F4Thought Special
As you all know we took a break from Food for Thought this past week to allow us to begin again on Tuesday 24th September with a new schedule. The last 15 weeks of hosting F4Thought has been incredible and we have been overwhelmed with the support you’ve all shown us and your willingness to get involved. 

Each week we feature a spotlight post, or three if we get above 25 entries to any given prompt. Choosing those spotlight posts each week wasn’t always easy because quite often we really loved more than one post. Also because we take turns in choosing we don’t always have the same favourites. So May came up with a fabulous idea that would allow us to share more of the posts we loved.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

F4Thought Changes

F4Thought Changes
#F4Thought Changes
Food 4 Thought will return at 10am (UK time) on Tuesday the 24th September.
The meme will now be open each week from Tuesday 10am until Sunday 10pm.(UK Time).

Friday, 13 September 2019

F4TFriday #115 - Round Up

#F4TFriday #115 - Round Up
#F4TFriday #115 - Round Up

Normally we just choose one spotlight entry if there are less than 25 links to Food for Thought. This week we received 20 amazing posts and because we don't have the next prompt until the 24th – details coming shortly – I realised I would need to do a separate post anyway, so you know what? I have three in the spotlight! But I've not told Floss because the first one is hers.

Friday, 6 September 2019

F4TFriday #115 - Music On! World Off!

Music On! World Off! #F4TFriday
#F4TFriday #115 Music On! World Off!
There was a wonderful variety of posts for last week’s topic of Nightmares which was kindly suggested by Sweetgirl. Each week we are keen to let everyone know that the questions we ask related to the prompt are just a guide, and even the topic itself is open to interpretation and I think we saw the benefit of that approach this week. 

The agreement May and I have is less than 25 posts results in us highlighting one spotlight post, 25 and over results in a top three and a round-up post. This week it falls to me to choose the spotlight post from all the fabulous entries. 

#114 Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post
As is often, well actually always, the case when I have to highlight writing in some way I’m always drawn to the one that moved me most. Which means this week’s spotlight post is When nightmares intrude by Kisungura. 

‘The types of visual nightmares I experience today feel the same as then, and can trigger an overwhelming fight, flight, freeze or fawn response in me, depending on the severity of the intrusive thought.’ Read More …

Prompt #115 - Music On! World Off!

Friday, 30 August 2019

F4TFriday #114 - Nightmares

molly moore nightmares
#F4TFriday #114 ~ Nightmares
Floss's prompt for #113 certainly inspired lots of you into posting. We have both so enjoyed reading all your words about why you blog. 

Many bloggers have done a great job of writing a post that covers more than one of the weekly memes – in fact I did that myself. It is something to consider each week if you link to memes on a regular basis, particularly now the F4tFriday questions are merely guidance, write whatever you want to about the prompt topic. We are always happy for you to link up an older post and update it with the F4t badge, or write a fiction piece.

#113 Spotlight Post

This week there is a spotlight roundup post which focuses on three of last week entries - You can check out the post here. The roundup included - Malflic, Asrai and Elliott Henry.

Prompt #114 Nightmares (&/or Dreams)

F4TFriday #113 - Round Up

F4TFriday #113 - Round Up
#F4TFriday #113 - Round Up
With thirty entries this week for Floss's excellent choice of Food for Thought topic - the Why of Blogging, the task falls for me to choose three bloggers to put in the spotlight.

The fast turn around we have between prompt posts means I have to do this is super-fast time. That is one of the reasons we will be changing the start and end times for this meme in a few weeks. Information coming soon.

However I have been reading tweeting and making notes as the week has progressed so the difficult bit is narrowing it from my shortlist of six to a roundup of three and publish.

Friday, 23 August 2019

F4TFriday #113 - The Why of Blogging

The Why of Blogging #F4TFriday #113
#F4TFriday #113 The Why of Blogging

#113 - The Why of Blogging

Thank you to everyone who was inspired to share their thoughts on the prompt chosen by Swirly - ‘Rituals.' It’s interesting to see the various aspects of life where we all embrace rituals, or in some cases how folks don't place importance on rituals. We got beautifully varied perspectives and we loved it. The spotlight post this week has been chosen by the talented Cousin Pons. Let me hand you over to him...

#112 - Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post by Cousin Pons

Thank you to all nineteen writers for your posts on the subject of Rituals. I have been taken on an emotional journey through posts containing pain, suffering, joy, elation, sadness and moments filled with humour. For some rituals and routines are the bedrock of their lives and for others they are the habits, which rumble along, almost unnoticed. It was difficult to choose. So many excellent posts. I loved Mr More's and some of the others were very moving and my eyes are still full of tears of laughter after reading Nero's entry.

The post I would like to put in the Spotlight is Rituals and Memories by Swirling Fire. I have always been interested in memory and the tricks it can play on us. Swirling Fire describes, in her very matter of fact way, how her well structured and ordered day, was suddenly thrown into a sickening turmoil by the arrival of a text just before she went to work. It was an innocuous text but the timing of it precisely mirrored a dreadful one she had received years earlier.

“It took me to the exact second of receiving a mindWizard text in the past, it was early in the day, before work, and timed the day before a long pre-arranged weekend together. Coldly Informing me that he had a new woman. We would not be communicating in future. I had also spent money on new lingerie, outfits, turned down work bookings, looking forward to spending time with him. It never once crossed my mind the sentiment was not reciprocated. The tidal wave of manipulation and hurt was a full body blow that I couldn’t calm. Why my mind creates these painful synapses needs to be explored and worked upon. It’s an unkind unhelpful reflex.” Read More...

Prompt #113 - The Why of Blogging

Friday, 16 August 2019

F4TFriday #112 - Rituals

#F4TFriday #112 ~ Rituals rites
#F4TFriday #112 ~ Rituals

We are very happy with our growing #f4tFriday community. Thank you to all who got involved again or for the first time last week.

#111 Spotlight Post

The Spotlight post turned into a spotlight top3 as we had so many lovely entries from you guys. Thank you so much for supporting the meme.

The Round Up included Posy Churchgate, Zebra Rose and Kurvy Kinkster. Please take a look at the Round Up post... 

Prompt #112 Rituals


F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

#F4Thought #146 - Lockdown - Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented situation as most of the world is involved in some kind of lo...