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F4Thought #121 - Secrets

Secrets #F4Thought
#F4Thought #121 Secrets
Photo by Floss Liddell & Used With Permission
Last week’s prompt of ‘The Road Not Travelled’ saw some amazing and truly heartfelt posts in the link-up. This week’s Spotlight Post was a Spotlight Round-up which was done by Swirling Fire. She chose posts from Melody Insights, Francesca Demont and Steeled Snake Charmer. Read her thoughts in F4Thought #120 - Round-Up

Prompt #121 - Secrets

From little secrets that are relatively harmless to big secrets that can change the course of someone’s life, we’ve all experienced some kind of secret-keeping in our lifetime. Sometimes they are best shared, sometimes the less said about them the better. What kind of secrets have you kept? And which ones have you shared?

You don’t have to tell us a secret but of course, we are all ears (and eyes) if you do. The questions we could pose relating to secrets are endless, but here are a few more in case you need some inspiration …

Have you ever had a secret crush? 
Has someone else ever told you a secret that you wish they hadn’t? 
Have you ever kept a secret that you wish you’d shared? 
Is there a secret you are waiting to share? 

As we always say please let the prompt inspire you in any way that comes to mind, answering the questions we pose is not mandatory. For this prompt specifically please feel free to keep it vague, we in no way want anyone to divulge anything they’re not ready to. We also accept fictional tales should real-life secrets feel a little too close to home to write about. 

Also, don’t forget we accept older posts updated with the F4Thought badge. So feel free to get some attention for those older and surely fabulous posts. 

I asked May the following question … Do you have a secret desire, dream or ambition you have yet to share with anyone?

May Says … This could be a difficult question because if I did have a secret desire or ambition then it would no longer be a secret if I told you what it was.  But I can make this really simple. I have two best friends – My man and Vic (you can find him on my blog) and between them, they have ALL my secrets ;-)

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