Friday, 3 May 2019

F4TFriday #97 - Puting Others First

Humans tend to be programmed to focus on their own needs. This isn't necessarily a selfish thing, we need to look after ourselves simply to survive, and we have done a number of prompts in the past about self-care and looking after ourselves.

It is, however, part of our make-up to look after and attend to the needs of those that we care for and who care for us, whether this be in some form of D/s dynamic, or simply as a result of sharing our lives with other people, be they friends, family or partners.

This week's questions are, as always, open to interpretation and may (or may not) be sex related, but what we want to know is:

When a friend/family member/partner is in need, how do you look after them?

Are you better at providing emotional or physical support?

How have others helped you?

Does helping others help you?
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