Saturday, 14 December 2019

Bucket List ~ Guest Post

bucket list guest post pja woode
#f4thought Bucket List ~ Guest Post PJA Woode

My Bucket List

Well I guess I had to pen something as this theme was my idea.  I have been incredibly lucky because in my real life I have pretty much done most things I want to do; I’ve met some amazing people, been to many amazing places and done lots of fabulous things.  I’ve enjoyed a truly fantastic career, too.

But in terms of sex it’s a bit different.  I’ve had some sumptuous experiences and enjoyed some delicious moments of passion.  Many were totally unplanned and happened spontaneously.  They would never have featured on a bucket list as such.  However, I guess my breadth of experience is somewhat limited as my OH is in many ways* the very essence of what I’ll call vanillaism.

There are loads of sexy things I would like to do.  Of course, the chances of doing them is slim at best.  So I thought I would start in true tabloid style with my top 12 lusts and also a ranking about how likely I was to achieve them:
  1. Watch a really high end porn film being made - 2/10 chance of achieving this
  2. Interview a porn star for an article - 4/10 chance
  3. Watch a real life couple (or threesome) fuck - 2/10 chance
  4. Participate in a threesome (though I would naturally opt for FMF, I would probably be up for an MFM) - 0/10
  5. Choose the most delectable lingerie for a delectable woman (and see her in it, of course!) - 2/10
  6. Be taken to a kink party by a thigh-booted and leather-clad dominatrix type - 0/10
  7. Fuck on a beach - 8/10 (yes, I reckon my OH might actually be up for this if it was deserted!*)
  8. Have an intimate piercing - 5/10
  9. Caress a pierced nipple or pussy 0/10
  10. Being sent an erotic photo tailor made for my tastes - 3/10
  11. Going naked in a hot tub or sauna with friends - 6/10 (again, there’s a chance with my OH and some friends of ours here*)
  12. Taking some glamour/nude photos - 5/10
  13. Taking some Sinful Sunday type selfies - 6/10 (but I'll need a vast amount of encouragement first!)
  14. Take part in some wonderfully creative activity - perhaps photographic - with some of my Twitter friends - who knows the chances of this one?
  15. Doing nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 with my OH (I have omitted 7 and 11 as there is a definite chance that she might be up for them.  *That’s because there is a glimpse at times of other flavours than vanilla in my darling OH and it is my dearest wish to encourage them to appear and to be savoured and enjoyed by her, me - and who knows - perhaps others too?)
But actually my bucket list is a bit more than a series of fantasies - enjoyable though it has been to think of them.  It’s more a matter of experiencing visceral moments or moving to a different sensual level or awareness - such as feeling that I have been truly seduced (and visa versa); feeling that I have done something deliciously naughty; feeling that I am utterly, utterly spent after an orgasm; enjoying foreplay that lasts hours and hours; giving someone the most intense of orgasms; receiving an unexpected sexy message with an unexpected suggestion; being encouraged break out of my comfort zone and then wanting to repeat the experience.

Most of all, as I look to a new decade I simply wanted to keep in touch with this wonderful community I have found out here on Twitter which has allowed me to breathe.



  1. Would your OH not wear some sexy lingerie? I would have thought that was doable even for a vanilla personality. Great list :-)

  2. Good point from Sweet...
    And yes what a bucket list you have - really like number 6

    May ;-)

  3. Thank you both for these lovely comments. Good idea (though I've tried unsuccessfully in the past here). And, May, I think no 6 is probably my real no 1!

  4. This is a fantastic list. I think you could absolutely find a willing volunteer for No.10 within if receiving them felt appropriate within your current relationship. No.13 and No.14 are so achievable that I think you should be on a to-do list, not on a bucket list. We always need more chaps showing up in Sinful Sunday and Twitter friends getting creative together, that is for sure something folks would be up for x

  5. Oh Floss - thanks so much for this wonderfully encouraging comment. I think I'll move now move nos. 10, 13 and 14 to my 'to do' list - but will need a fair bit of encouragement for 13 and some suggestions for 14.



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