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F4Thought #119 - Memories, Moments and Wanting More

Memories, Moments & Wanting More #F4Thought
#F4Thought #119 Memories, Moment & Wanting More
We got a wonderful variety of posts last week, some focusing on safewords in the BDSM contexts, other considering words that made our fellow bloggers feel safe within their relationship or sexual dynamics. Thank you to Francesca Demont for suggesting the prompt for us, we also left the tough choice of which post would be the spotlight post this week. I think you’ll agree she picked a fab one. 

Spotlight Post #118

When I proposed the prompt for F4Thought #118, I had no idea what responses it would
#F4TSpotlight by Francesca Demont
generate.  I was just curious how others felt about the use of safewords or words that make you feel safe. The experience that is reflected in the thought-provoking posts is obviously impossible to capture in a single highlight.  The post that prompted me to sit up and think about my own experience came from Sweetgirl. 

“I know there are some long term couples who rarely use their Safewords, so much so, that they might say they don’t need one, but, it could be argued that this is because they do not push into those RED areas anymore, they are content within the scope of play they have.” Read More

Prompt #119 - Memories, Moments and Wanting More

On a weekly basis I think most bloggers write about a memory, or a moment and I suspect many of the words we write leave us wishing for more of something or someone we enjoy. Sometimes it’s all three, the memory of a moment that we long to go back and have more of. More of their time, more of their touch and in some cases maybe just more of them existing. 

You can take this prompt in so many directions and we invite you to do exactly that. Yes, we both love the tales of your sexy encounters, but please feel free to share something more poignant, we want to hear about those memories too. Some of the questions I considered when I thought of this prompt are below. They are just to help get the juices flowing though, if and when needed. Please just let the prompt title be your guide though and let your words go wherever they may. 

What are some of your fondest memories? 
What moments do you wish you could revisit? 
Would you like relive a whole day, or perhaps multiple moments with the same person?

Remember if you have any previously written posts that are suitable for this week’s prompt then please feel free to update them with our F4Thought badge and add them to the link-up too. 

I asked May the following question … If modifying or removing memories became possible, are there memories you'd be tempted to remove?

May SaysVery simple answer here. It has to be NO. Each moment in time helps a person become who they are. If I delete past memories I am denying who I am. If I do then there is no way forward...
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