Thursday, 19 December 2019

#F4T Chef List 2019

#F4T Chef List 2019

To be a Food for Thought Chef you need to put your thinking hat on regularly. And turn mere words into a gourmet delight.

In my opinion those who eat well, think well.

Floss and I love that Food for Thought is a thinking meme. Always remember good food feeds the brain.

And without further ado I will give you the #F4T Chefs of 2019

  • Askmefast ~ Mr Sailor does not always link up to food for thought but when he does you can rest assured his post is thought provoking, which always leaves the reader wanting more.
  • Deviant Succubus ~ Devie is a powerhouse blogger and we are so thankful she blesses #F4T with her words so often. She is never short for something to say about a prompt and I predict great things for her.
  • Steeledsnake/Charmer ~ I got to know this couple via Food for Thought. And am so pleased I did.  I'm somewhat envious of their relationship and happy they share so much of their joy with #F4T.
  • Marie Rebel ~ Marie has been an frequent chef since the Kilted Wookie days. I admire her dedication and how she consistently links up fabulous content. 
  • Swirly Fire ~ Swirly is hosted by Melody. What can I say about her writing? It is intense, powerful and engaging. We are very glad she chooses the #F4T meme to share her thoughts.
  • Kilted Wookie ~ Floss and I would not be here at the F4T helm if it wasn't for Kilted Wookie. And indeed he inspired my first ever Sinful Sunday post which lead to me getting involve with many memes. I love it when he links up. His posts are always intimate.
  • Ratings of a Nonsensical Kind ~ One thing I love about J.Lynn's work is her honesty. She can rip through all the unnecessary and reach the point so admirably. I so enjoy her posts be it about her lovers or her little boy.
  • PJWoode ~ Woode had been a supporter from #101. He has graced us with guest posts and has also chosen prompts and spotlight posts. Long may it continue.
  • Master Pleasing Bitch ~ Julie is a straight talker who possesses great strength of character. This comes over in what ever she is writing which makes her blog so readable. She has been a #F4T supporter since way back
  • Violet Fawkes ~ Violet gifted us with our #F4T badge. Not only that sometimes she links up and gifts us all with  her amazingly brilliant writing. Violet is a star that shines. 
  • Jerusalem Mortimer ~ I love it when Jaime joins in with F4T. His true life tales are extremely readable and always make me smile. More please.
  • Sweetgirl ~ Sweet consistently writes for #F4T and I always enjoy her posts. One of the things I really like about them is their positivity even in the face of adversity.
  • Discovering Kink ~These guys are great. Not only that, once again we get two for the price of one. Whoever is penning the post manages to entertain and leave us wanting the next from them.
  • Liz Black ~ Liz is not afraid of voicing her thoughts and experiences - which is what #f4thought is all about.
If you like to display your end of the year lists on your blog then feel free to use the image above, linking back to this page.

Don't forget the current prompt is LIES.

Floss and I want to thank you all for supporting us since we took over Food for Thought and look forward to more of your wonderful work in 2020

May xx


  1. Great list - I know I don't write on here that often, but your prompts and the writing you get in response are always great quality, varied and interesting. Thanks for hosting ladies - we are grateful.

  2. Thank you for adding me to your list, and thank you for your thought-provoking prompts.

    Rebel xox

  3. I must have missed this somehow. Thank you so much for the inclusion and I've really enjoyed participating.



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