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F4Thought #120 - Round Up

f4thought #120 Round up
#f4thought #120 Round up by Swirly  

With over twenty wonderful posts it seemed like it would be best to have a spotlight three. Thanks again to Annie Savoy for letting us use her image as the header and without further ado I will hand over to Swirly who has chosen the round up for this week... Many thanks to Swirly too ;-)

Spotlight Round up Week #120


The inspiration for F4thought #120 The Road Not Travelled was taken from a blog post of mine and a subsequent brief conversation.

I wasn't expecting to be asked to choose a spotlight 3 - it's a topic that digs deeper into anothers personal "what if" moments. It's a thought process I've used many times during therapy. Understanding many of the influences of others actions that dramatically changed me. It can be uncomfortable for both writer and reader.

I very much admire all the contributions to this prompt. It was an honour to read your words. I could easy have selected more. My choices this week are:

  • Francesca DeMont and No Regrets.
I've developed a girl-crush - mostly for the honesty and reflection always present in this writers posts.

"...Those were lost years, and they were also the most inspiring years. Tolerance, creativity, pursuit of happiness, meeting people from all walks of life...." READ MORE

  • Steeled Snake Charmer and Where Would We Be.
I enjoy reading about partnerships that work, through heady good times and then the not so great moments. With communication and clarity, it shows us hope.

"… I can’t imagine not taking the path that we did. There has definitely been some hurt when people left us and some “odd” exchanges, but each one gave us something...." READ MORE

  • Melody Insights and The wrong trousers.
I think it's difficult to read any of Melody's posts and not question ourselves through the eyes of our own life narrative. Comparing that to someone that has chosen to change all aspects of their life path.

“... When, as a child, you’ve created a shell against emotion that is modelled on Spock from Star Trek you grow up to understand that you’ve missed something..." READ MORE

You can find all of the links for the weeks posts here

f4thought roundup  #120

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