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F4Thought #116 - Me Too

#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too
#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too

We are back after a short break and have a new schedule.
F4Thought will now run from Tuesday morning until Sunday evening – UK Time. 

This gives us plenty of time to choose a spotlight post or write a roundup if needed.

The last prompt #115 was all about Music and you can take a look at my spotlight picks here. Not to mention we published a fabulous SoSS post the other day and could not believe all the amazing articles you guys have written over the fifteen weeks Floss and I have been hosting the meme. 

Onto this week.

Prompt #116 #MeToo - your understanding and/or experience.

What is Me Too all about?

Well let's try and keep it simple.
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Designed by the awesome Voilet Fawkes.

  • Me Too is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, particularly in the workplace. 
  • It has been around a number of years but in 2017 a celebrity encouraged victims of harassment/assault to use the hash tag #MeToo when mentioning it on social media. This was an attempt to open the public's eyes to the magnitude of the problem and to help those who had remained silent to speak up knowing they had the support of the movement.
  • Mainly women joined in but men have embraced the campaign as well. Some telling of their own experiences and some supporting those they know. 
  • Many now feel it should be gender free to allow any person to voice their experiences using the hashtag.
Please write what ever you want to about the topic. We are happy for you to link up appropriate older posts if you update them with one of our new badges. Also, fiction about the topic is welcome.

Here are a few guiding questions in case you want to sue them.

f4thought #116 me too
May Asks...
  • Have you or anyone you know been victim of sexual harassment/assault? 
  • What do you think about Me Too? Are you tired of it after so much publicity? 
  • Do you think social media is an appropriate place to share such personal incidents? 
  • Should men be able to relate their experience under that hashtag or not?

To show your support for others please remember to try and read and comment on a few of the entries.

I asked Floss if she thinks social media is a good place to share personal sexual harassment/assault experiences.

I think too many people think sexual assault happens infrequently or to people they can’t relate to. I think social media is the perfect platform to raise awareness as to just how insidious sexual harassment & assault can be and how not only one person you know has probably been subjected to it, but many.

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