Tuesday, 3 December 2019

F4Thought #126 - One Book

#F4Thought #126 - One Book ~ What do books mean to you?
We all love to indulge and it was fun reading about how indulgence and vice are viewed by you guys. We always appreciate the support you give us by linking up to the meme.

Spotlight Post #125 by May More

My man entered the meme this week over on his new blog with a great post and Melody also pushed my indulgence buttons. But the one that I really kept thinking about is from the previous host of Food for Thought – Kilted Wookie. He wrote so openly about his feelings regarding cunnilingus. So personal and so inspiring. I hated this act when I was younger. It really takes someone who shows they love it, to make the difference. And KW is that person in this post.

“So combined with taste is the scent of her; so impossible to avoid breathing in as my tongue explores every fold of her cunt. Then there are the sounds she makes as my tongue works it magic” READ MORE...

I recommend it!

Prompt #126 One Book 


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