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F4Thought #128 - Lies

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#F4Thought #128 - Lies -
How old were you when you first realised Santa was a lie?
What are white lies?
Thank you all who entered into Bucket Lists for last weeks prompts. It was great reading them and I also got a few ideas of things I would like to do in the future.

Spotlight Post #127 by Liz Black

When you think of bucket lists, you often think about bungee-jumping or holidays far away. What struck me with the entries this week, was how practical and close to home our wishes were. Many of us have seen the darker side of life and know it's futile to aim for the stars when all can be changed tomorrow. I chose Sweetgirl's post as Spotlight post this week because she talks about wishes and how feasible they are, or aren't. Despite her setbacks, she still has dreams and desires. I hope for her, and for all of us, our dreams will come true in 2020!

Quote: “I don’t really have lists of what I want to do, I gave up on them after my dad died. What is the point of making lists and plans when they can be taken from you at the drop of a hat? So I can’t really do a bucket list. I believe if you want to do something bad enough don’t ever wait, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Instead I am going to do a wish list.” READ MORE...

Prompt #128 Lies by May


What ever possessed me to choose LIES for the Food for Thought prompt so near to Christmas? Well in mitigation Christmas plays such a small part in my life that I genuinely forget it was getting close. Anyhow, once I had added the prompt to the Coming Soon list I knew I would need to roll with it.

Mr More is a great believer that our subconscious has often intervened when things like this happen. Meaning perhaps I chose it for a reason. I had a think and all at once I remembered that I learned an Ex of mine had been lying about his whereabouts over Christmas while he'd been cheating on me. Perhaps that was in the back of my mind?

But it is less than two weeks until Christmas so please feel to write in any form and any way about the prompt. Fiction, fact, poetry or prose. How about an image?   
What ever you choose please take a look at other entries in the meme.

Here are a few guide questions to help you out...

May Asks...
  • How old were you when you first realised Santa was a lie?
  • What are white lies? Are they a different type of un-truth?
  • Reflecting back what is the worse lie you have told or been told.
  • How do YOU feel about lies.
  • Have you told a lie so often it feels like it is true?

I asked Floss...
When you were a child did you ever think you actually saw Father Christmas deliver your presents?

I never thought I saw Santa no, thank goodness because I actually thought he was pretty creepy (and still do to be honest), so much so I cried whenever anyone tried to take me to see him! But I was once convinced I heard sleigh bells, when I asked my Mum about it she acted like it was such a ridiculous idea, that I began to wonder why it was so daft to say that and it was then I figured out Santa wasn’t real! Which quite frankly was a huge relief! I actually didn’t tell my Mum I'd stopped believing in Santa and she eventually asked me when I was about 13 if I knew the truth about Santa! Funniest thing ever!

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