Tuesday, 31 March 2020

F4Thought #143 - Myth Busting

Myth Busting #F4Thought
F4Thought #143 - Myth Busting
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Spirituality is a word that can resonate with different people in different ways and lasts week’s posts definitely showed how true this can be. I thoroughly enjoyed all the approaches shared and both myself and May always appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us for #F4Thought, but particularly when times are trying, which they are right now, for all of us. We hope you are all staying safe and some support to reach out to. 

Spotlight Post #142 by Floss

#F4ThoughtSpotlight Post 
The post I have chosen for this week’s spotlight post came from a blogger who actually gave us two entries, but it was their shorter piece that really made an impact on me. I personally believe that putting out positive thoughts into the world is a force for good and to my mind prayer is just that, putting out positive hopes and warm thoughts into the world regarding those close to you and often the wider population too. Mr Sailor did just that with his post My prayer’s for you …

On this Sunday morning as I begin my day, carnal desires seems like a distant hum. My thoughts are of you, with all of you. To you with a special special place in my heart and to those unknown.’ Read More …

We had two late entries last week which have been added to the end of last week’s post, they are both well worth a read so if you missed them please do go back and give them a read. 

Prompt #143 - Myth Busting

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

F4Thought #142 - Spirituality

 #F4Thought #142 - Spirituality ~ In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life.

Last week the posts all about initiative really made think. Certainly, in hard times it is so important we use our initiative to be resourceful even if the way we are living has changed.

Spotlight Post #141 by May More

The posts were quite varied and I enjoyed reading them all. One that really stood out for me was - The initiatives of #noEroticon - by Marie Rebel. The yearly Erotic conference – Eroticon – was cancelled due to concerns about the virus. However for those with long journeys the news came too late and they arrived in Camden. What to do? They showed initiative and put on a mini conference where a few of them delivered their speeches/workshops as normal. Over to the post...

“On Friday evening I learned that we would have a mini conference — a #noEroticon of you like — where Haiku and Anna Sky would deliver their sessions, and Eye invited me to do mine too. I only had to think about it for a minute, and said yes, I would be there. I loved this initiative of Eye, and definitely wanted to be part of it, especially as I have seen the disappointment around me of people who only heard on Friday that the conference was cancelled.”    READ MORE...

Prompt #142 Spirituality 

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

F4Thought #141 - Initiative, Taking Charge and Making Things Happen

Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen #F4Thought
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Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen
I (Floss) failed miserably at last week’s sporting prompt. Could I get my brain to think of anything productive to say about sporting endeavours, no I could not, so I was absolutely bowled over by the creative ways in which you all shared your thoughts on sports with us. However, it is not for me to choose the top post this week, that task is down to the wonderful Posy Churchgate …

Spotlight Post #140 by Posy Churchgate

#F4TSpotlight Post 
On being asked to judge this week’s prompt, I made the mistake of latching onto the word sport. As a couch potato with bad hand-eye co-ordination I wondered what I knew about the topic? All who contributed broadened my horizons. The real prompt was sporting fun and people found many ways to raise their pulse or flex their muscles. 

My top pick is ML Slave Puppet’s post - describing a herculean tenacity and dedication to certain sports. The part which really spoke to me, and may help others, is how she defines & categories types of exercise in relation to her mental health.

“Football has a 60% chance of getting me out of my potentially deteriorating mental health...running, going for a walk and yoga deteriorate my mental health because these activities make me retreat further inside my head.” READ MORE

Floss Says: As we had so many awesome posts this week, but not quite enough for a top 3, Posy also picked another post she wanted to highlight, so back to Posy for that …

The post I want to highly commend was Clear-eyed Girl’s because it educated me, not simply on the horse and carriage sport in which she participates, but it gave me glimpses of her relationship dynamic, summarizing: “He drives, I lean”.

Prompt #141 - Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen

Monday, 9 March 2020

F4Thought #140 - Sports Fun

F4Thought #140 - Sports Fun ~ this prompt is about sports, athletics and exercise in general. Sports you have been physically involved in now or in the past. Or sports you support. Perhaps you exercise as part of your weekly routine?

We received a great range of posts on the topic of dating. And both thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Floss has been on a few dates of her own recently so was eager to choose the spotlight post.

Spotlight Post #139 by Floss

The conversation around dates and dating has been happening in my life for a few months now, so I was delighted to see so many links to this week’s F4Thought, sharing your thoughts and stories on the topic.

My pick for this week’s spotlight post is ‘A date is what you make of it’ by Lillith Avir. It seems what I want from dates is fairly traditional, but I totally agree with the ethos of Lillith’s post and think we should be enjoying all kinds of dates, regardless of whether or not they fit the Hollywood criteria of ‘dating’.

“The few dates I had, I mostly enjoyed because of the attention. Being picked up, go to a nice place and so on. But it was rarely about the man I was with. It makes me think that the kind of dating I always thought of is not for me. Whatever the case is, things are very different now.” Read More...

Prompt #140 Sporting Fun

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

F4Thought #139 - Dates and Dating

Dates and Dating #F4Thought
What are your thoughts on Dates & Dating?
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You are definitely a creative bunch, last week’s prompt of Time Slip brought out some great posts from you all. May has done the spotlight post for this week, but I’ll tell you a secret she chose my favourite too. This week’s prompt is Dates & Dating, so plenty of room for variety and I’m very excited to hear your thoughts on this topic. Before then though, the Spotlight for #138 …

Spotlight Post #138 by May More

#F4ThoughtSpotlight Post
The posts we received for the Time Slip prompt were a joy to read. Even those that tackled difficult issues were well thought out and absorbed the reader from start to finish. When the meme closed I sat back and thought about each one. In my mind, I kept returning to one particular story. The Loop from Michael. The tale sparkled and lifted my spirits. I don't really want to say more than that or I'll give away the plot but here is a quote to whet your appetite and if I was you I would settle down with a cup of coffee and have read.

We entered the shop which was filled to the brim with the dusty detritus of ages gone by. Items piled haphazardly on top of each other with no rhyme or reason and seemingly defying the laws of gravity and physics. It seemed that many of the items could not possibly be removed without sending every piece of delicately balance junk crashing to the floor and burying us alive.Read More

Prompt #139 - Dates and Dating


F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

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