Tuesday, 19 November 2019

F4Thought #124 - Freedom

#F4Thought #124 - Freedom ~ How important is your freedom?
#F4Thought #124 - Freedom ~ How important is your freedom?

Once again thank you to everyone who linked up to last weeks prompt of LOVE. Indeed, love is a wonderful thing as were your posts.

Spotlight Post #123 by Sweetgirl

Sweetgirl's blog goes from strength to strength. She has also been a supporter of Food for Thought
Spotlight Post #123
for a long time so we were very pleased when she agreed to choose last weeks Spotlight post. Over to Sweet...

There were some brilliant entries and I struggled to pick just one, but in the end I selected this one by SubMissy because it stayed with me. I think loving ourselves a little better is such an important goal and something we are not necessarily as good at as we should be.

I want to love my life and everything about it and this won’t happen if I am being down on myself."  READ MORE...

Prompt #124 Freedom

Floss and I really like the idea that Food for Thought is the thinking meme. With that in mind this week we are focusing on freedom.

The prompt was inspired my Mr More's article all about how freedom is the unspoken driving force behind the sex blogging community.

So, tell us about what freedom means to you. We are happy for you to enter the link-up with any type of posts – personal, fiction, poems or prose as long as they use the prompt in some way.

Here are some guideline questions for you to think about.

May Asks...
  • Do you view freedom as a blessing or a curse? 
  • Is freedom of speech important to you? Why? 
  • Can a person be truly free in a monogamous relationship?

I asked Floss what degree of freedom she thinks her young child will enjoy as an adult? Does she think his liberties will be more restricted than ours are now?

Floss Says ~ Sometimes it feels like the world isn’t moving forward, or is at least to some degree going backwards, however, in many ways that matter my son will have a lot more freedoms available to him than past generations could ever have hoped for. There is still a lot to fight for and many improvements to be made, but at least I know that by and large, he can be the person he wants to be, and if he’s met with disapproval, well, he’s got a Momma that will be in his corner fighting for his freedom to live as he pleases.

Please remember to try and comment on some of the other entries in the meme...

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1 comment:

  1. "well, he’s got a Momma that will be in his corner fighting for his freedom to live as he pleases."

    This made me smile, I had and fortunately still do have one of these too.



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