Tuesday, 24 September 2019

F4Thought #116 - Me Too

#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too
#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too

We are back after a short break and have a new schedule.
F4Thought will now run from Tuesday morning until Sunday evening – UK Time. 

This gives us plenty of time to choose a spotlight post or write a roundup if needed.

The last prompt #115 was all about Music and you can take a look at my spotlight picks here. Not to mention we published a fabulous SoSS post the other day and could not believe all the amazing articles you guys have written over the fifteen weeks Floss and I have been hosting the meme. 

Onto this week.

Prompt #116 #MeToo - your understanding and/or experience.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

#SOSS - A F4Thought Special

#SOSS A F4Thought Special
#SOSS - A #F4Thought Special
As you all know we took a break from Food for Thought this past week to allow us to begin again on Tuesday 24th September with a new schedule. The last 15 weeks of hosting F4Thought has been incredible and we have been overwhelmed with the support you’ve all shown us and your willingness to get involved. 

Each week we feature a spotlight post, or three if we get above 25 entries to any given prompt. Choosing those spotlight posts each week wasn’t always easy because quite often we really loved more than one post. Also because we take turns in choosing we don’t always have the same favourites. So May came up with a fabulous idea that would allow us to share more of the posts we loved.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

F4Thought Changes

F4Thought Changes
#F4Thought Changes
Food 4 Thought will return at 10am (UK time) on Tuesday the 24th September.
The meme will now be open each week from Tuesday 10am until Sunday 10pm.(UK Time).

Friday, 13 September 2019

F4TFriday #115 - Round Up

#F4TFriday #115 - Round Up
#F4TFriday #115 - Round Up

Normally we just choose one spotlight entry if there are less than 25 links to Food for Thought. This week we received 20 amazing posts and because we don't have the next prompt until the 24th – details coming shortly – I realised I would need to do a separate post anyway, so you know what? I have three in the spotlight! But I've not told Floss because the first one is hers.

Friday, 6 September 2019

F4TFriday #115 - Music On! World Off!

Music On! World Off! #F4TFriday
#F4TFriday #115 Music On! World Off!
There was a wonderful variety of posts for last week’s topic of Nightmares which was kindly suggested by Sweetgirl. Each week we are keen to let everyone know that the questions we ask related to the prompt are just a guide, and even the topic itself is open to interpretation and I think we saw the benefit of that approach this week. 

The agreement May and I have is less than 25 posts results in us highlighting one spotlight post, 25 and over results in a top three and a round-up post. This week it falls to me to choose the spotlight post from all the fabulous entries. 

#114 Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post
As is often, well actually always, the case when I have to highlight writing in some way I’m always drawn to the one that moved me most. Which means this week’s spotlight post is When nightmares intrude by Kisungura. 

‘The types of visual nightmares I experience today feel the same as then, and can trigger an overwhelming fight, flight, freeze or fawn response in me, depending on the severity of the intrusive thought.’ Read More …

Prompt #115 - Music On! World Off!


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