Friday, 30 August 2019

F4TFriday #113 - Round Up

F4TFriday #113 - Round Up
#F4TFriday #113 - Round Up
With thirty entries this week for Floss's excellent choice of Food for Thought topic - the Why of Blogging, the task falls for me to choose three bloggers to put in the spotlight.

The fast turn around we have between prompt posts means I have to do this is super-fast time. That is one of the reasons we will be changing the start and end times for this meme in a few weeks. Information coming soon.

However I have been reading tweeting and making notes as the week has progressed so the difficult bit is narrowing it from my shortlist of six to a roundup of three and publish.

Spotlight Round Up Week #113

But here we go with my spotlight three.

Many of you will remember Malflic's blog and if you do you will also understand that he has been taking a break from publishing blog posts. But he is back. And I was very happy to be reading his words again. Live After Death...

For a variety of reasons I have decided to recreate this space as an outlet, as a place to explore thoughts, and to share. As for the past, it is what it is. The future though is whatever I make it. Something that I no longer plan to do on anyone else’s terms. Read More...


I am a fan of Asrai's fiction but always play close attention when she chooses to share more of herself with us and kind of feel privileged when she does. Why of Blogging...

Eventually romance gave way to the erotic. Sometimes taboo, sometimes romantic, sometimes both. I love writing more than anything. I feel alive when I write. The longer it goes on the more obsessed I get. I need to write, I need this to be how I live in the world. Read More...


Elliott Henry has given up on his Twitter account but thankfully not his blog. I adore it when he writes longer posts as they are always light hearted and witty. Why do I write...

I always wanted to write sexy stories, and being an exhibitionist love to show my … well you know. When a writer friend from my past started writing a sex blog, I discovered… Sex Blogs. She encouraged me to try it and I’ve been writing this one for over three years. Read More...

Please take a look at these fabulous entries and I hope to see you all link up in future.

#113 roundup
F4TFriday #113 Roundup by May More

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