Tuesday, 1 October 2019

F4Thought #117 - Kissing

Kissing #F4Thought
#F4Thought #117 Kissing
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first week back after our break as we set the wheels in motion for our new schedule. We returned with a fairly intense topic but you didn’t let us down and we got a great variety of posts. 

#116 Spotlight Post

#F4TSpotlight Post
Choosing a spotlight post for a topic like this isn’t easy. Each one shared a unique experience and I nodded along in agreement with so many of the thoughts shared. The piece that really got me in the feels though was Me, You, Us by Zebra Rose. Not only were the points made all too relatable but it was also beautifully written. 

You’re allowed to say no. You’re free to decline. You don’t owe anyone your attention or affection, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice yourself to earn theirs. But beware; if you choose rejection, you do so at your own risk.’ Read More

Prompt #117 - Kissing

This is a topic dear to my heart and one that deserves a lot of attention, in both word and action. I have some questions for you to ponder below should you be in need of inspiration. Every week though we ask you to share anything that the prompt inspires in you and this
week, more than any other I’d love to see what ‘kissing’ inspires in you.

Do you love kissing? Or maybe you love the moment
before lips meet?
What makes a good kiss? The person involved the skill they have or something entirely different?
Do you like to make the first move or have someone lean in to kiss you? Is there a thrill in being kissed that you don’t get if you are the one to instigate the lip-locking action?
What is your most memorable kiss? Mmmm ... those kisses you know you’ll never forget!

While we predominantly deal in non-fictional posts here on F4Thought, since myself and May took over we have welcomed fictional pieces. Perhaps it’s the poet that lives inside my soul but honestly, if kissing doesn't inspire you to write I don't what will, so please share your writing, be it fact or fiction, let’s give kissing the attention it truly deserves. 

I asked May the following question …

Thinking back to our previous prompts of music, quotes and movies … Do you have a favourite song, quote or movie moment that celebrates or showcases kissing? 

May says ...

May responded with an image, which is also one of my favourites too … The Kiss by Gustav Klimt 

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