Monday, 24 February 2020

F4Thought #138 - Time Slip

old boats time slip
F4Thought #138 - Time Slip ~ Let your imagination run wild and tell us about a time in your own life you wish you could return to and perhaps make a change. Or write a story with the title of Time-Slip.

Regrets and Hindsight produced many reflective posts, which of course is great as Floss and I like to view Food for Thought as the thinking meme.

Meme Mentions

Before I move on to the spotlight post I want to mention a few things. Each week, as well as F4T, I'm also involved in the admin side of Sex Bloggers For Mental Health. There is a special collaboration going on this week between SB4MH, TellMeAbout and WickedWednesday. They are discussing Codependency as their topic. Check out those links if you want to take part.

The second mention is Master's Pleasing Bitch health related site and meme. The first prompt is all about physical health. I am writing my post this very day.

Talking about Julie, last weeks prompt was chosen by her so between us we decided she should also pick the spotlight post. Julie has done this once before.

Spotlight Post #137 by Master's Pleasing Bitch

Julie Says  ~ This weeks F4T was really thought provoking and I'm glad I suggested the topic. The decision was a difficult one, there are so many strong contenders for the spotlight post.

I've chosen submissy's post – Regrets.

The approach Missy has taken is a measured and thoughtful one. Using the themes of regret that
people express when dying was interesting. I got the feeling that when the time comes Missy will have little to regret in her life.

"I do feel positive that currently the life that we have carved out for ourselves leaves us both feeling fulfilled and not lacking or wistful about things which are being missed." READ MORE...

Prompt #138 Time-Slip

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

F4Thought #137 - With Hindsight and Regrets

With Hindsight & Regrets #F4Thought
Image Via Pixabay 
May’s prompt last week of Love Letters created some beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing so many heartfelt and honest posts with us. This week’s topic is definitely a little different, but before we move on to ‘With Hindsight and Regrets’ suggest by Julie from masterspleasingbitch, we have three awesome spotlight posts to share with you. 

Spotlight Post #136 by Floss

#F4TSpotlight Post
A tale of two courgettes by Eye - I chose this post partly because I related to a lot of what Eye described in her post and partly because it was just so beautifully written. Eye discusses a phase in her life that I suspect many of us have been through, but perhaps wouldn’t be able to write about so eloquently. 

‘In my case the gap opened up in front of me like a moon path across the sea as I received a text telling me to go to my local supermarket and to buy courgettes and I walked onto it.  A simple enough task, and relatively easy to complete. Except that it meant I had to have my own agenda for that hour.’ Read More

A Love Letter to HL by submissy - Love can be expressed in some many ways and I was absolutely swept in in Missy’s declarations. It’s always a joy to read about her experiences with HL, but she blew me away with this post, it was incredibly beautiful. 

Monday, 10 February 2020

F4Thought #136 - Love Letters

love letters f4thought
F4Thought #136 - Love Letters ~ Have you written or received a Love Letter and if so did it have the desired effect?
Have you ever found someone else's Love Letters?

I felt proud of our Food for Thought community when I read all the fantastic posts this week. A great topic and really fascinating thoughts about it.

Spotlight Post #135 by May More

I want to add a quick mention to SubMissy who celebrated an important birthday this week. Her post “Mother to Adults” really resonated with me, having older children like Missy. I was sure it was going to be my spotlight post until Deviant Succubus added a last minute entry yesterday afternoon. I felt DS discussed many important aspects of what Pride and being Proud is all about. It is excellent read.

See, for me, pride has absolutely nothing to do with who I am, where I come from, who my parents are or who I can fall in love with. Pride, for me, has only to do with real accomplishments, with things that I can do, things that I have done well or things that I have created. I personally don’t relate to concepts of honour and pride, national pride or being proud of one’s sexuality. I am not saying that this should be the way everyone approaches the concept of pride. We all have our own definitions and understandings of it. And that is okay because pride is first and foremost a feeling, and we all identify and describe feelings differently. But what pride feels like inside: the warm fuzzies of feeling good about something? I think that is something that most people experience similarly. READ MORE ...

Prompt #136 Love Letters

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

f4Thought #135 - Pride & Feeling Proud

Pride & Feeling Proud #F4Thought
#F4Thought #135 - Pride & Feeling Proud
Image via Pixabay
I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the different directions in which our F4Thought contributors took their writings about Privacy. We had everything from erotica to pieces on cyber security, it was a good week and I (Floss) had the task of pickling the spotlight post which you can find below before we move onto our new topic of Pride and Feeling Proud. 


F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

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