Tuesday, 8 October 2019

F4Thought #118 - Safe Words

#F4Thought #116 ~ safe words
#F4Thought #118 ~ Safe Words 

I have loved all your kissing posts. Some had me longing for that kiss that makes butterflies flutter in your stomach. Often when you have just met someone. But it was wonderful to read so many of you still experience that with a long-term partner. 

Spotlight Post #117

So choosing just one of the posts was difficult. But I found I couldn't quite forget what Annabel wrote
safe words
#F4Thought #117 Spotlight Post
about her early days with Raven. A part of me is envious of people who have stuck with their first love/first kiss person. This post made me feel all of that – and it is super hot too.

The kiss is all consuming. I am no longer aware of anything outside of our embrace. I can no longer hear his siblings bantering in the other room. I am intensely focused on the feelings I am experiencing. I find myself in familiar territory of yearning for something but not really knowing what it is. So as we are prone to doing, we start exploring each other to see what offers us relief or heightens the sensation.”    READ MORE …

Prompt #118 ~ Safe Words OR Words that make you feel Safe...

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

F4Thought #117 - Kissing

Kissing #F4Thought
#F4Thought #117 Kissing
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first week back after our break as we set the wheels in motion for our new schedule. We returned with a fairly intense topic but you didn’t let us down and we got a great variety of posts. 

#116 Spotlight Post

#F4TSpotlight Post
Choosing a spotlight post for a topic like this isn’t easy. Each one shared a unique experience and I nodded along in agreement with so many of the thoughts shared. The piece that really got me in the feels though was Me, You, Us by Zebra Rose. Not only were the points made all too relatable but it was also beautifully written. 

You’re allowed to say no. You’re free to decline. You don’t owe anyone your attention or affection, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice yourself to earn theirs. But beware; if you choose rejection, you do so at your own risk.’ Read More

Prompt #117 - Kissing

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

F4Thought #116 - Me Too

#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too
#F4Thought #116 ~ Me Too

We are back after a short break and have a new schedule.
F4Thought will now run from Tuesday morning until Sunday evening – UK Time. 

This gives us plenty of time to choose a spotlight post or write a roundup if needed.

The last prompt #115 was all about Music and you can take a look at my spotlight picks here. Not to mention we published a fabulous SoSS post the other day and could not believe all the amazing articles you guys have written over the fifteen weeks Floss and I have been hosting the meme. 

Onto this week.

Prompt #116 #MeToo - your understanding and/or experience.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

#SOSS - A F4Thought Special

#SOSS A F4Thought Special
#SOSS - A #F4Thought Special
As you all know we took a break from Food for Thought this past week to allow us to begin again on Tuesday 24th September with a new schedule. The last 15 weeks of hosting F4Thought has been incredible and we have been overwhelmed with the support you’ve all shown us and your willingness to get involved. 

Each week we feature a spotlight post, or three if we get above 25 entries to any given prompt. Choosing those spotlight posts each week wasn’t always easy because quite often we really loved more than one post. Also because we take turns in choosing we don’t always have the same favourites. So May came up with a fabulous idea that would allow us to share more of the posts we loved.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

F4Thought Changes

F4Thought Changes
#F4Thought Changes
Food 4 Thought will return at 10am (UK time) on Tuesday the 24th September.
The meme will now be open each week from Tuesday 10am until Sunday 10pm.(UK Time).


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