Monday, 18 May 2020

F4Thought #150 - Holidays

#F4Thought #150 - Holidays ~ When did you have your last holiday & where did you go?
Do you think in the near future it will harder to travel abroad?
Some absolutely fascinating posts this week about libido. I have been extremely impressed with them. So much that I have picked two spotlight posts instead of one.

Spotlight Post #149 by May More

The two posts I have chosen are similar in one way but different in another. They both shone through for me as they talk about having to evoke changes to make things better. They were proactive in raising their libido. I do like a bit of positive control being taken to alter things for the better rather than letting them slip further or responding too late.

Corrupting Mrs Jones talks about how depression and prescribed medication had a negative effect on her libido. Rather than just sit back and accept this she decided to find out about changing her medication.

“My goal of increasing my sexual function was achieved. Sometimes I was able to climax after two strokes of a vibrator or a dildo. It was unheard of. On top of that I found that the grinding tiredness that had been a feature of my life for so long was lessened. There were many pluses." READ MORE...

Life of a Kinky Wife also took her libido into hand, deciding after a breast cancer scare that her life would need to change.

“The lack of intimacy was harder than the testing. More emotionally draining. The stress built and eventually, it resulted in an explosion. Now it was a big deal, it was affecting more than just me...
I needed to find a way out. A way to reawaken my much-needed libido."  READ MORE...


Prompt #150 Holidays

Monday, 11 May 2020

F4Thought #149 - Libido

libido frogs
#F4Thought #149 - Libido ~ Has the lock down had a negative effect on your libido? Do you think that frequent sexy play has a positive effect on your libido?

Your posts about photography were amazing. Great images and also fabulous narrative explaining your thoughts on the topic. It proved to be quite a popular prompt too – thank you to everyone who linked up.
Because we have so many entries the spotlight post will be awarded to two entries this week. Not only that, the perfect person was given the task of reading all your posts – the very talented Purple Sole. So over to him...


Spotlight Post #148 by Purple Sole

A Mental Switch
No sexy pictures, but it was a really enjoyable read to be able to go through A Mental Switch's life through the lens of their many cameras. Some great images taken and there is a great narrative starting from taking up something for enjoyment to learning more about photography as they progressed. 

My first camera was a cheap Sony point and shoot. I knew nothing about shutter speeds, aperture and focusing. That thing just worked on auto all the time. The supplied memory stick held like 12 images and additional sticks were insanely expensive. I also thought that burning a date into the image would be a good idea. READ MORE...

Blue Submission

First of all an amazing image, Blue is in her full beauty in front of a raging river. The sun piercing through the trees completes a stunning image. I also enjoyed hearing about the problems that surround having naughty photos on her phone, something that I have also had to hide from prying eyes. 

Since starting this blog, one thing has changed about my photography. Now my camera roll is filled with nudes. Photos of my boobs, my ass, my husband’s lovely dick, photos of my partner V in all her glorious naked beauty fill my phone. READ MORE...

Prompt #149 Libido

Monday, 4 May 2020

F4Thought #148 - Photography

#F4Thought #148 - Photography - We all love images and often there are reasons why we take those that we do. Sometimes it is simply a hobby but for others photography is far more than that.
There were some really interesting Celebrity tales from last week. It does seem that now we are living in un-usual times celebrity has indeed taken on a new meaning. Very ordinary people are, at present, rightfully being celebrated.


Spotlight Post #147 by Nero Black.

It was no mistake that Nero was choosing the spotlight post this week. Having a slightly celebrated past himself as a DJ. You can find him on his blog NeroSpeaks.
Over to Nero for his choice of spotlight post...

I loved Deviant Succubus recounting how she first met her crush Marilyn Manson. It was a while ago but clearly it remains seared into her memory:

“...Manson returned and the bodyguard walked up to me and said: “You, just you, get in the hotel!” I stood there like: “Whut? What is happening? Why? Help? What?” My friend pushed me forward because I was very confused about what was happening. So there I was, standing in the lobby with Marilyn Manson...” READ MORE ...

Prompt #148 Photography 

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

F4Thought #147 - Celebrity

#F4Thought #147 - Celebrity
What does the word celebrity mean to you? Have you ever accidentally met a celebrity?
Are you friends with a celebrity?
Last week so many wonderful bloggers linked up to tell Food for Thought all about their lockdown experiences.

Spotlight post #146 by Jupiter Grant.

Twenty one writers shared their work so a spotlight roundup of three posts was published. The lovely Jupiter Grant highlighted those that resonated with her. And you can find her choices here...

Prompt #147 Celebrity

Monday, 27 April 2020

F4Thought #146 - Round Up

f4thought #146 lockdown round up
#F4Thought #146 - Lockdown Round Up of three spotlight posts chosen by Jupiter Grant

This weeks Lockdown topic for Food for Thought proved very popular. Twenty one bloggers linked to the meme. Which meant a roundup of three spotlight posts would need to be done.

I am a fan of Jupiter Grants work. Not only that she is a wonderfully supportive blogger and author. If you are not aware of her blog check it out. In fact check it out anyway ;-)

So over to Jupiter for this weeks spotlight roundup...

Food 4 Thought Round Up #146 by Jupiter Grant

No matter who or where we are, the coronavirus pandemic has a huge impact upon our lives, and has forced us to adapt to these very strange and worrying circumstances. With that comes uncertainty and anxiety, but what I also discovered through reading all of the Food 4 Thought submissions this week, is that lots of us are finding positive ways to combat the fear, the upheaval, the loneliness and the frustration. Even if just through articulating those thoughts and feelings through the written word, it seems that a large number of bloggers are finding respite and expression by sharing their own experiences of this unprecedented global lockdown. So thank you to everyone who joined in with this week's topic.


F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

#F4Thought #146 - Lockdown - Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented situation as most of the world is involved in some kind of lo...