Friday, 19 July 2019

F4TFriday #108 - Selfies.

selfies posy churchgate
#F4TFriday #108 Selfies ~ Image copyright, Posy Churchgate

We had some very entertaining posts on the subject of Movies last week. Thank you all for linking up with Food for Thought.

#107 Spotlight Post
The post by El Byrne left it's mark on me in more ways than one. She is so right about her
Spotlight Post
assessment of the movie A Star is Born but then she goes into personal details about her own life and situations which look as if they were running parallel to the film script.

They really appreciate you at your job. Well done. I wish my job appreciated me. You know they always say they are going to promote me but they don’t. I can’t do anything right. Read More...

Prompt #108 ~ Selfies

Friday, 12 July 2019

#F4TFriday #107 - Mmmm ... Movies

Mmmm ... Movies #F4TFriday #107
#F4TFriday #107 Mmmm ... Movies

Thank you for another fabulous week, your thoughts on ‘crazy’ were utterly fabulous. There was a wide range of choices for the spotlight post but I finally managed to make a decision. 

#106 Spotlight Post

When I read Violet Grey’s post about hypocrisy I very nearly whooped at my screen whilst hollering ‘you tell ‘em, Violet’. The behaviours Violet discusses drive me to the edge of distraction and because she voiced something I feel so strongly about I couldn’t not choose it for my spotlight post. 

‘One thing that absolutely makes my blood boil is ignorance. Now, I don’t mean if you innocently just don’t know something and wish to learn, I mean the ignorance where people are exclusionary, prejudiced and just outright awful to others for ridiculous reasons.’

Prompt #107 ~ Mmm … Movies

Friday, 5 July 2019

F4TFriday #106 - Crazy

Crazy #106 f4tfriday
#F4TFriday #106 is - Crazy!
Thank you to all of you who linked up to the topic of Communication last week. It is such an important issue to tackle within any relationship.

#105 Spotlight Post

This week the spotlight post is from Marie. Her entry really resonated with me. Particularly this quote

“You might think it is, but for me conscious and clear communication is definitely not a given. In my head I can form perfect sentences, have the perfect conversation, and I can say the things I really want to say, but the moment I enter a conversation, I can’t think of anything I wanted to say, and my words seem to come out all garbled and twisted. Sometimes with discussions it takes me days to think of what I actually should have said, as I can feel quite blown over by people who always seem to have their words ready. I don’t.”  Read More...

Prompt #106 ~ Crazy

Friday, 28 June 2019

F4TFriday #105 - Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication #F4TFriday #105
#F4TFriday #105 Conscious Communication
It was a rollercoaster of emotions reading last week's posts for our 'Near Misses' topic.
Thank you to May for getting the cogs whirring on that one and to everyone who shared their experiences whether they made us laugh or cry, and trust me they did both, we were very grateful for them.

#104 Spotlight Post

This was a tough choice, A Near Miss from Jupiter Grant is the one that got me right in the feels though. Despite the very different experiences and the ways in which we expressed our struggles, so much of her post resonated with me and I suspect that will also hold true for others. I know how hard posts like this are to write and we are truly blessed when our fellow bloggers open up to us. 

'The insidious thing about depressive illness is that it snuck up on me and it was only upon reflection, after the worst had passed and with the help of therapy, that I saw how the illness had been building over a period of years, how there were warning signs and triggers. Unfortunately, at the time I had no idea how damaging their cumulative effect could be.'

Prompt #105 ~ Conscious Communication

Monday, 24 June 2019

Near Miss ~ Guest Post

near miss guest post
#f4tFriday Near Miss ~ Guest Post PJA Woode

A few of you might know that the reason I indulge in all this glorious smut stuff is that my sex life at home is as vanilla as vanilla gets. Sex is for Sunday mornings. Same position. Same movements. My OH comes first. I come second. She receives. I give.

And that is it. Anything else is just not on the menu . Masturbation is a sin. Reading erotic tales or watching porn is so far beyond a 'no, no' it is untrue. And, before you ask, yes I have suggested we might push our very limited boundaries, on numerous occasions and in numerous ways, but the door is very firmly shut.

Friday, 21 June 2019

F4TFriday #104 - A Near Miss

a near miss #104 #f4tfriday
#F4TFriday #104 is - A Near Miss

What a great question from Floss for last weeks prompt. Many thanks to all who ventured in ;-)
This week it is my turn(May) to host and also chose a spotlight post from last weeks entries... 

#103 Spotlight Post

All the posts from #103 were just marvelous – I mean it. Floss and I are so chuffed with your support of the meme.

My spotlight post this week is this one from Melody. You will totally understand why I chose this entry when you read the quote:

a near miss
Ask me at about the youngest age I can remember and I’d have described something like this picture. I wanted to grow up to be the maiden tied to the tracks.
I’m not sure I cared about some dumb handsome lumberjack coming to rescue me. I cared about being bound and helpless – oh, and female. ReadMore...

But I also want to give an honourable mention to Purple's Gem for their entry.

Prompt #104 ~ A Near Miss

Thursday, 20 June 2019

When I Grow Up ~ Guest Post

when i grow up guest post
#F4TFriday When I grow up - Guest Post PJA Woode

The first 'naughty' magazine I saw when I was a fairly young had a profound effect on me. It was very well thumbed as it had done the rounds. Thankfully I don't recall any pages being stuck together. Yes, I really shouldn't have looked as I was not 18 at the time. And, yes, it almost certainly portrayed the women in a very false, very sexist, very male-centric way.

Friday, 14 June 2019

F4TFriday #103 - When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up #F4TFriday #103
#F4TFriday #103 is When I Grow Up
Thank you for another great week on Food For Thought Friday and big thanks to May who provided us with last weeks topic, this week that particular challenge falls to me before I discuss that though it's spotlight time for my favourite post from last week. 

#102 Spotlight Post

This week @_Masterseye takes the spotlight position. I LOVED her post Mistakes. Not only do I think it will resonate with many of us, but I also hope her 'I will' section of the post reminds us all to approach our own lives in just the same way. However, it is her 'I should' section that I take my quote from, because how could I not ...

"I should have remembered that I am a FUCKING QUEEN
I should have made sure my husband knew it
I should have owned it, put on the mantle and worn the crown'
Prompt #103 - When I Grow Up

Friday, 7 June 2019

F4TFriday #102 - Mistakes

mistakes f4tfriday #102
#F4TFriday #102 Mistakes
Floss and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who joined in this week. We really appreciate your support for our first Food for Thought Friday. Your posts were packed with lots of scary fears and loathsome hates.

#101 Spotlight Post  

I want to highlight this entry by Jaime. I am very much used to reading his hot fiction. Sometimes he writes a post which is not only informative but extremely honest and from the heart.   


"So Stupidity scares me. Humans need to become more intelligent and prize intelligence more. But that is still not what scares me most. What scares me most is being without a lover, or living unloved."


Prompt #102 ~ Mistakes

The topic for discussion this week is MISTAKES.

Friday, 31 May 2019

F4TFriday #101 - Room 101

Room 101 F4TFriday #101
#F4TFriday #101 is Room 101
Today is the 101st prompt for Food For Thought Friday. And we have to wave a fond, yet sad,
farewell to its creator Kilted Wookie who at present needs to devote his time elsewhere. Thankfully two fair maidens have agreed to look after the meme for him.