Tuesday, 26 November 2019

F4Thought #125 - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice

Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice #F4Thought
#F4Thought #125 Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice
Last week’s prompt of ‘Freedom’ produced some extremely fine pieces of writing. I absolutely loved what each and every one of you wrote and while I did indeed have my favourites, it was the task of the wonderful and talented Eye to make this week’s spotlight decision and I think you will agree she made a fabulous decision. 

Spotlight Post #124 by @_Masterseye

When May asked me to choose this week's spotlight post for Food for Thought I wondered if
#F4TSpotlight Post
it was going to be possible as I would be travelling in Vietnam at the time. I found, however, that the slight restriction on my free time here gave more than it took in enabling me to recognise the enormity of the freedom I was experiencing. As a metaphor it is pretty good, as an experience it is perfect. My choice this week perfectly illustrates the way freedom feels. 

As Liz Black says in her post this realisation can come upon us gradually but once we grasp it we know exactly what it is ...

“Gradually I’ve come to discover that this counts as real freedom... .I recognise it in myself, because when I get excited about something, I speak up. I sit up taller, my voice gets louder (which is not always commendable when you’re in a vanilla setting), and I get to be the real me.' Read More

As always there is some excellent writing from many other bloggers here. Grab a coffee and join the exploration of what freedom means (and what it doesn't).

Prompt #125 - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

F4Thought #124 - Freedom

#F4Thought #124 - Freedom ~ How important is your freedom?
#F4Thought #124 - Freedom ~ How important is your freedom?

Once again thank you to everyone who linked up to last weeks prompt of LOVE. Indeed, love is a wonderful thing as were your posts.

Spotlight Post #123 by Sweetgirl

Sweetgirl's blog goes from strength to strength. She has also been a supporter of Food for Thought
Spotlight Post #123
for a long time so we were very pleased when she agreed to choose last weeks Spotlight post. Over to Sweet...

There were some brilliant entries and I struggled to pick just one, but in the end I selected this one by SubMissy because it stayed with me. I think loving ourselves a little better is such an important goal and something we are not necessarily as good at as we should be.

I want to love my life and everything about it and this won’t happen if I am being down on myself."  READ MORE...

Friday, 15 November 2019

The Things We Do For Love - Guest Post

#F4Thought The Things We Do For Love - Guest Post by PJA Woode

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I am starting off this post in a somewhat similar vein to my last one.  So here goes: I suspect that most of the other posts about the things people do for love are all about the ways others have gone that extra mile to please/excite/satisfy/amuse their lover.  But for me, it is the opposite.
I’ve been with my partner for well over thirty years and we get on really well. We share passions
and interest, have the same values, enjoy each other’s company and have fun together.  We are
still very much in love (corny, I know, but true).

But, there has to be a but, doesn’t there?

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

F4Thought #123 - The Things We Do For Love

The Things We Do For Love #F4Thought
#F4Thought #123 The Things We Do For Love
There were so many good perspectives on Faking Orgasms from last week’s prompt and as the task for choosing the spotlight post fell to the lovely blogger who suggested the topic, Julie of Master’s Pleasing Bitch.

Spotlight Post #122 by @MPBJulie

Julie chose Faking an orgasm - not quite a good idea by Isabelle Lauren saying … 

Spotlight Post #122
The following quote really struck a note; ‘I think that’s what surprised me the most about having enjoyable sex again. I thought my body would remember how to orgasm – kinda like how you never forget how to ride a bike – but nothing was further from the truth.’ Read More

I chose Lauren's post because the need to write about this topic once she saw it shone through. Her post came from the heart as she unpacks the reasons for faking orgasms and the pain (physical and emotional) that followed.

But then this: ‘As to whether an orgasm is important to me… If I’m honest: no, not really. Of course I’d love to orgasm during sex, but it’s not necessary.’ This is the experience of so many of us once we are in a happy, stable and loving relationship.

Prompt #123 - The Things We Do For Love

I didn’t exactly think this post up by myself. It was actually inspired by Anything he wants: love, piss and foolishness by the fantabulous Girl on the Net. I remember reading it and thinking, ‘you know what, I wonder what the lovely F4Thought participants have done for love?’ Maybe like Meat Loaf, you’d do anything for love, but you won’t do that. Either way, I’m eager to hear what this prompt inspires you to write about. 

Friday, 8 November 2019

Faking Orgasms ~ Guest Post

faking orgasms
#f4thought Faking Orgasms ~ Guest Post PJA Woode

When you hear the phrase ‘faking it’ you probably think of women putting on a performance to assuage the sexual ego of a male partner. There could be a multitude of reasons for her action and doubtless many are listed in the other posts here.

Monday, 4 November 2019

F4Thought #122 - Faking Orgasms

F4Thought #122 faking orgasms
#F4Thought #122 ~ Faking Orgasms - Have you ever faked your climax?
Last weeks prompt of secrets certainly got you writing about all types of secrets, sexual and otherwise. Thank you to everyone who joined in.

J.Lynn has been a supporter of Food for Thought since Floss and I took over back in week #101. So I was very happy when she agreed to choose the spotlight post for week #121.

Spotlight Post #121 by J.Lynn

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone’s secrets or how they have handled keeping a secret.
faking orgasms
#121 Spotlight Post
Being a bit of a secret hoarder myself has its perks and it thrills me knowing about a little piece of a person that no one else may know. I’m not the vindictive type so even if I have a falling-out with a person their secret is still safe with me.

This brings me to why I chose Melody from Melody Insights this week; she has shared her secret with us throughout her blog, but this post really hit a soft spot. As children we are like sponges- we learn, observe, and internalize how we are brought up. This is key in the way we interact with other people and whether or not we let them see our true selves.

“Those of us brought up in a different era would never let on we’d been in trouble at school.  It would only earn extra punishment from parents, potentially painful physical punishment – extra incentive to learn to keep secrets; learning to dissemble in a way that’s not an outright lie.  As a child we learn to keep stuff that can hurt or embarrass us a secret.  One such being that any expression of non-maleness; an absolute taboo." READ MORE...

Prompt #122 Faking Orgasms


F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

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