Friday, 26 July 2019

F4TFriday #109 - Judging Things at Face Value

Judging Things at Face Value #F4TFriday #109
#F4TFriday #109 Judging Things at Face Value

#109 - Judging Things at Face Value 

The selfie definitely got us all talking last week and not only did we get some fabulous words about them but also some actual images too, which were all delightful. Thank you so much for linking up to Food For Thought. 

#108 Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post
I think many of us will have related to the post shared by Deviant Succubus. Her thoughts on control in relation to the images she shares and faking her confidence levels definitely had me nodding along to many of her points …

And people, there goes a lot of work into faking confidence! You need to wear that mask and you need to wear it well! It is about accentuating the parts of yourself that you like, and hiding those you find terrible. It is about seeming calm and in control, and very much about the way you hold your head up high when walking down the street. But the best way to fake confidence? Posting selfies of yourself! Read More …

Prompt #109 - Judging things at Face Value

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Selfies - Guest Post

Selfies guest post Muse dreamer
#F4tFriday Selfies Guest Post from Muse Dreamer

Introduction by May More.

I have been following Muse Dreamer for some time now and really enjoy the photos, mainly selfies that she posts on Twitter. When this prompt was suggested I immediately thought of her and a few others who constantly put out stunning shots on Twitter. I suggested that Muse get involved and here she is with some fabulous selfie shots for us to enjoy. Please welcome her to Food for Thought...

Selfies Guest Post from Muse Dreamer

Friday, 19 July 2019

F4TFriday #108 - Selfies.

selfies posy churchgate
#F4TFriday #108 Selfies ~ Image copyright, Posy Churchgate

We had some very entertaining posts on the subject of Movies last week. Thank you all for linking up with Food for Thought.

#107 Spotlight Post
The post by El Byrne left it's mark on me in more ways than one. She is so right about her
Spotlight Post
assessment of the movie A Star is Born but then she goes into personal details about her own life and situations which look as if they were running parallel to the film script.

They really appreciate you at your job. Well done. I wish my job appreciated me. You know they always say they are going to promote me but they don’t. I can’t do anything right. Read More...

Prompt #108 ~ Selfies

Friday, 12 July 2019

#F4TFriday #107 - Mmmm ... Movies

Mmmm ... Movies #F4TFriday #107
#F4TFriday #107 Mmmm ... Movies

Thank you for another fabulous week, your thoughts on ‘crazy’ were utterly fabulous. There was a wide range of choices for the spotlight post but I finally managed to make a decision. 

#106 Spotlight Post

When I read Violet Grey’s post about hypocrisy I very nearly whooped at my screen whilst hollering ‘you tell ‘em, Violet’. The behaviours Violet discusses drive me to the edge of distraction and because she voiced something I feel so strongly about I couldn’t not choose it for my spotlight post. 

‘One thing that absolutely makes my blood boil is ignorance. Now, I don’t mean if you innocently just don’t know something and wish to learn, I mean the ignorance where people are exclusionary, prejudiced and just outright awful to others for ridiculous reasons.’

Prompt #107 ~ Mmm … Movies

Friday, 5 July 2019

F4TFriday #106 - Crazy

Crazy #106 f4tfriday
#F4TFriday #106 is - Crazy!
Thank you to all of you who linked up to the topic of Communication last week. It is such an important issue to tackle within any relationship.

#105 Spotlight Post

This week the spotlight post is from Marie. Her entry really resonated with me. Particularly this quote

“You might think it is, but for me conscious and clear communication is definitely not a given. In my head I can form perfect sentences, have the perfect conversation, and I can say the things I really want to say, but the moment I enter a conversation, I can’t think of anything I wanted to say, and my words seem to come out all garbled and twisted. Sometimes with discussions it takes me days to think of what I actually should have said, as I can feel quite blown over by people who always seem to have their words ready. I don’t.”  Read More...

Prompt #106 ~ Crazy


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