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F4Thought #125 - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice

Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice #F4Thought
#F4Thought #125 Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice
Last week’s prompt of ‘Freedom’ produced some extremely fine pieces of writing. I absolutely loved what each and every one of you wrote and while I did indeed have my favourites, it was the task of the wonderful and talented Eye to make this week’s spotlight decision and I think you will agree she made a fabulous decision. 

Spotlight Post #124 by @_Masterseye

When May asked me to choose this week's spotlight post for Food for Thought I wondered if
#F4TSpotlight Post
it was going to be possible as I would be travelling in Vietnam at the time. I found, however, that the slight restriction on my free time here gave more than it took in enabling me to recognise the enormity of the freedom I was experiencing. As a metaphor it is pretty good, as an experience it is perfect. My choice this week perfectly illustrates the way freedom feels. 

As Liz Black says in her post this realisation can come upon us gradually but once we grasp it we know exactly what it is ...

“Gradually I’ve come to discover that this counts as real freedom... .I recognise it in myself, because when I get excited about something, I speak up. I sit up taller, my voice gets louder (which is not always commendable when you’re in a vanilla setting), and I get to be the real me.' Read More

As always there is some excellent writing from many other bloggers here. Grab a coffee and join the exploration of what freedom means (and what it doesn't).

Prompt #125 - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice


We all like nice things, however, things that are nice for me though may not be nice for you and what I see as indulgence might be a regular Saturday night for others. As for what we consider to be our vices, again I think this will vary wildly from person to person. So what about you? What activities, items or maybe people come into your mind when you see the words indulgence, vice and all things nice?

What are the things you indulge in most? 
Do you consider yourself to have any vices? 
What are the nicest things in the world that you could just never give up?

As always please let the topic inspire you, let it plant the seed of thought and share with us whatever blooms from it. Fact or fiction is suitable, as are new and old posts, provided old posts are updated with our badge. If a post is not at all related to our prompt then our beautiful friends over at Wicked Wednesday and Masturbation Monday are always open to off prompt posts. 

I asked May … Here at F4T we are mostly all about the brain food, but for many folks food for their bellies is quite often an indulgence! Is food something you see an indulgence? If so what would be your favourite foods to indulge in as a treat?

May Says … I have a nutrition background so I know a lot about food – the good and the bad. I am very lucky that my man is an amazing cook and is something he loves to do a lot of. Because of these two reasons practically every day our meals are cooked from scratch. Even down to a Pizza base – for instance. We set aside time to sit together and eat, so each meal seems like a wonderful indulgence to me. But an extra treat – hmm – cheese. I adore all cheeses and try to limit them in my diet, for various reasons. But every so often I indulge myself.

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