Tuesday, 10 December 2019

F4Thought #127 - Bucket Lists

Bucket Lists #F4Thought
#F4Thought #127 Bucket Lists
It is no surprise that books got us all talking. I absolutely loved reading about everyone’s first experiences with reading and what books they hold dear to them. Some of them really tugged at my heartstrings and others had me heading straight to amazon to add them to my reading list. However, my favourite is not relevant because the wonderful Molly of Mollysdailykiss fame chose the spotlight post for us this week. 

Spotlight Post #126 by @Mollysdailykiss

I love books and I love reading and so I was delighted when May asked me to pick the spotlight post this week. I read them all and came away with a few possible books to add to my collection but one of the posts stood out to me more than the others because of how similar it was to how I feel about books and reading. Floss's post almost feels a bit like a love letter to books and I have a feeling like me, she could have easily written another 1000 words on this subject and written a much longer list of books she loves.

‘All this to say, I couldn’t possibly pick one book, there are so many books that have moved me, excited me, enthralled me and whisked me away on adventures as I read them. I read for the same reason I write … feeling. I write in the hopes I will make people feel something, and I read to feel too. If a book doesn’t stir something up inside me then it isn’t a book for me.’ Read More …

Prompt #127 - Bucket Lists

This prompt was suggested by the lovely @pjawoode who we hosted posts for here on F4Thought. When I saw his suggestion of Bucket Lists I thought it would be a perfect December prompt. Not only are we about to start a new year, but a new decade. Goal setting will be rife amongst many of us and bucket lists will be made. What will be on yours?

Perhaps you’ve got an ongoing bucket list that you are always looking to tick things off. Maybe your bucket list is more of a fuckit list, just a big sexy list of sexual activities you are eager to try. Either way, we want to hear about your thoughts on bucket lists. Some questions to ponder could be …

- What bucket list goals have you thought about pursuing but have talked yourself out of trying?
- What areas of life does your bucket list focus on Blogging, social life, sex life, travel, career … tell us about them all. 
- What things have you seen other people do that have made you think ‘wow, I’d love to do that? Why haven’t you?

As always let the prompt be your guide but we love any posts it inspires and past posts are welcome so long as they are updated with the F4Thought badge, which as we haven’t reminded you for a while was designed by Violet Fawkes

I asked May … What was unique about you when you were a little girl? What were you passionate about that you have perhaps stopped exploring as you got older? Is this something that features on your personal bucket list of things to do in the future?

Mays Says … I have always been happy with my own company and when I was a child I loved taking myself off to the woods to play at being Tarzan. I was obsessed with the books. I would climb trees and make hideouts. Occasionally a friend would join me. As I got older I forgot how much I enjoy solitude and the outdoors. But thankfully have returned to both of these things in bucket loads. And sometimes even a climb a tree or two.

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