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F4Thought #129 - Catch Up & Further Thoughts

Catch up and Further Thoughts #F4Thought
#F4Thought #129 Catch Up and Further Thoughts

As the festive season approaches we are all slowing down a little, or in some cases getting busier with family, or in my (Floss) case, work becomes the busiest it will be all year. So we are grateful for anyone who pitches up and shares their work with us for F4T whilst you have so many other things going on. I personally did write a post for last week’s prompt, but just didn’t get to share it in time, luckily that will be remedied soon though with this week’s prompt. 

Spotlight Post #128 by Floss

This week’s spotlight post was first in the link-up for our topic of lies and while it was hosted on May’s site, it was actually penned by her partner Inigo More. I must admit in part I’ve picked this for the spotlight post, not only for my own reasons but for people’s reactions to it. I think it for sure would have been the people’s choice too. I think the honesty surrounding a decision that perhaps isn’t one we are used to hearing and the explanation behind his reasoning and how things have moved forward for him since that moment meant we were all moved by Inigo’s post and I am thoroughly grateful he shared his story with us. 

‘Having assured me she was using the contraceptive pill, my girlfriend had in fact lied. And for several weeks had been doing no such thing. She decided that becoming pregnant was a good idea. Arrived at this conclusion entirely in her own mind, making no attempt to discuss the subject with me. The relationship itself was already foundering and I don’t doubt that played a part in her rather desperate actions.’ Read More …
Prompt 129 - Catchup & Further Thoughts

While we are not expecting a massive turn out in the Christmas week, we decided that we’d keep things ticking over just in case and give you an opportunity to revisit some of our past topics. I’m also going to open the link up a day early, purely because it is the day I have the most free time. 

The prompts we have offered up since myself and May took over at Food for Thought are …

Room 101 - Mistakes - When I Grow Up - Near Miss  - Conscious Communication

Crazy - Mmm … Movies - Selfies - Judging Things at Face Value - Taboos 

Words To Live By - Rituals - The Why of Blogging - Nightmares - Music - #MeToo For You 

Kissing - Safewords and Safe Words  - Memories, Moments and Wanting More

The Road Not Travelled - Secrets - Faking Orgasms - The Things We Do For Love

Freedom - Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice - One Book - Bucket List  - Lies 

As I say I actually wrote a post for last week’s prompt of ‘Lies’ so I will be linking that up, perhaps you’d like to join me and cover a prompt you were hoping to write about but just couldn’t quite find the time. Or maybe since your previous posts on this subject have been share you’ve had further thoughts on the subject and would like to revisit a prompt again. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Our search bar works pretty well should you want to go back to a particular topic and see what questions we posed to get folks brains whirring. Feel free to just see a topic and write whatever it inspires though. 

Normally each week May and I take it turns to ask each other a thought-provoking question in some way related to the topic at hand, I’ve given May a week off from that this week, but feel free to go back and read some of the excellent answers we have each given to our weekly questions. 
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