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#F4thought - This meme has now moved to this site address.

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

F4Thought Bumper #SoSS Edition

#F4Thought Bumper #SoSS Edition to mark the last post in this format...

Food for Thought was gifted to me and Floss by Kilted Wookie. I have a lot of admiration for that man. You can find out why next week when this meme will be moved on to a sub domain of Sex Matters and I have a page dedicated to its history.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

F4Thought #150 - Roundup

Roundup #150
#F4thought Roundup #150 Holidays ~ Here are The Barefoot Sub's Spotlight choices from your fabulous posts...
Thank you to all who submitted to the topic of holidays last week. There isn't a prompt this week as I have a rather special SoSS coming out on thursday. But until then enjoy The Barefoot Sub's Spotlight choices from your fabulous posts...

Spotlight posts for #150 Holidays by The Barefoot Sub

I'm the barefoot sub, and A leap of Faith is the story of how I became the woman I am today.

When I first started my blog it was a task for Sir, and as well as being a great way to feel connected with him it quickly became a part of me. When wordpress deleted my blog after 4 months due to its pornographic nature I reached out and found that the sex blogging world is as wonderful a place as my local kink community.

After a hiatus I am refreshed and have picked up the trail. I'm currently up to March 2017, and continue to make memories to add as and when I get there. There is some erotica in amongst the autobiographical writing, as well as many pictures of me as I gain confidence and explore my exhibitionism.

As well as telling my story I enjoy participating in the regular memes which are hosted by talented sex and lifestyle bloggers, and sometimes I am lucky enough to be invited to join in and share my favourite pieces, like I have been today. As there were so many posts this week I was asked to pick two spotlight posts, which was still a hard thing to do.

My first choice is by Melody. CW on this Post
She takes us on a trip down memory lane to an unusual holiday which started weeks before the train ride that took her to 24 hours of torture, and ended with a cathartic pain scene and a fantastic moment that Houdini would be amused by. The theme of [F4Thought] Holidays carries a content warning for Kidnap, but this is a scenario which holds great interest for me, and I really enjoyed reliving the experiences with her through her words.

"This is where the safety of roleplay contrasts to real life terror.  You know you’re safe, you know that if the other person is skilled they will make you have doubts and above all you know you only have a fixed time for this to play out and you know that you can back out at any time.
Somewhat disoriented from this takedown I was then chained to the seat and made to duck down before she went haring off like a car chase scene in the movies with just a curt explanation of it being a precaution in case we were being followed.” READ MORE...

My second choice is from Submissy
A holiday to Italy, with her large blended family and an out of sync dynamic. What follows is a wonderful tale of hope for us all, that life does not need to be perfect all of the time in order for you to go to sleep with a smile on your face. Rather than being disrespectful to HL, as she apologises for early on, it is testament to their strength as a couple that she has been able to share this story. Life is not always plain sailing and there are times when submission and/or Dominance just aren't quite there but what matters is how they move forward and grow together. Plus, the bolognaise turned out to be pretty good after all.

“I know, I know. My opinion is his opinion, and he has the final word and all that, but I am a strong and independent woman and I need to be be won and tamed! I was on a roll and it had brought out something not very nice and not very submissive in me. The sort of mood that in a vanilla relationship would allow you to say.
'Fuck off. You are having a laugh.'
(Again, inside my head, as even vanilla me is not that disrespectful and would rather use words and actions to undermine and wriggle out of things instead.)” READ MORE...

Monday, 18 May 2020

F4Thought #150 - Holidays

#F4Thought #150 - Holidays ~ When did you have your last holiday & where did you go?
Do you think in the near future it will harder to travel abroad?
Some absolutely fascinating posts this week about libido. I have been extremely impressed with them. So much that I have picked two spotlight posts instead of one.

Spotlight Post #149 by May More

The two posts I have chosen are similar in one way but different in another. They both shone through for me as they talk about having to evoke changes to make things better. They were proactive in raising their libido. I do like a bit of positive control being taken to alter things for the better rather than letting them slip further or responding too late.

Corrupting Mrs Jones talks about how depression and prescribed medication had a negative effect on her libido. Rather than just sit back and accept this she decided to find out about changing her medication.

“My goal of increasing my sexual function was achieved. Sometimes I was able to climax after two strokes of a vibrator or a dildo. It was unheard of. On top of that I found that the grinding tiredness that had been a feature of my life for so long was lessened. There were many pluses." READ MORE...

Life of a Kinky Wife also took her libido into hand, deciding after a breast cancer scare that her life would need to change.

“The lack of intimacy was harder than the testing. More emotionally draining. The stress built and eventually, it resulted in an explosion. Now it was a big deal, it was affecting more than just me...
I needed to find a way out. A way to reawaken my much-needed libido."  READ MORE...


Prompt #150 Holidays

Monday, 11 May 2020

F4Thought #149 - Libido

libido frogs
#F4Thought #149 - Libido ~ Has the lock down had a negative effect on your libido? Do you think that frequent sexy play has a positive effect on your libido?

Your posts about photography were amazing. Great images and also fabulous narrative explaining your thoughts on the topic. It proved to be quite a popular prompt too – thank you to everyone who linked up.
Because we have so many entries the spotlight post will be awarded to two entries this week. Not only that, the perfect person was given the task of reading all your posts – the very talented Purple Sole. So over to him...


Spotlight Post #148 by Purple Sole

A Mental Switch
No sexy pictures, but it was a really enjoyable read to be able to go through A Mental Switch's life through the lens of their many cameras. Some great images taken and there is a great narrative starting from taking up something for enjoyment to learning more about photography as they progressed. 

My first camera was a cheap Sony point and shoot. I knew nothing about shutter speeds, aperture and focusing. That thing just worked on auto all the time. The supplied memory stick held like 12 images and additional sticks were insanely expensive. I also thought that burning a date into the image would be a good idea. READ MORE...

Blue Submission

First of all an amazing image, Blue is in her full beauty in front of a raging river. The sun piercing through the trees completes a stunning image. I also enjoyed hearing about the problems that surround having naughty photos on her phone, something that I have also had to hide from prying eyes. 

Since starting this blog, one thing has changed about my photography. Now my camera roll is filled with nudes. Photos of my boobs, my ass, my husband’s lovely dick, photos of my partner V in all her glorious naked beauty fill my phone. READ MORE...

Prompt #149 Libido

Monday, 4 May 2020

F4Thought #148 - Photography

#F4Thought #148 - Photography - We all love images and often there are reasons why we take those that we do. Sometimes it is simply a hobby but for others photography is far more than that.
There were some really interesting Celebrity tales from last week. It does seem that now we are living in un-usual times celebrity has indeed taken on a new meaning. Very ordinary people are, at present, rightfully being celebrated.


Spotlight Post #147 by Nero Black.

It was no mistake that Nero was choosing the spotlight post this week. Having a slightly celebrated past himself as a DJ. You can find him on his blog NeroSpeaks.
Over to Nero for his choice of spotlight post...

I loved Deviant Succubus recounting how she first met her crush Marilyn Manson. It was a while ago but clearly it remains seared into her memory:

“...Manson returned and the bodyguard walked up to me and said: “You, just you, get in the hotel!” I stood there like: “Whut? What is happening? Why? Help? What?” My friend pushed me forward because I was very confused about what was happening. So there I was, standing in the lobby with Marilyn Manson...” READ MORE ...

Prompt #148 Photography 

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

F4Thought #147 - Celebrity

#F4Thought #147 - Celebrity
What does the word celebrity mean to you? Have you ever accidentally met a celebrity?
Are you friends with a celebrity?
Last week so many wonderful bloggers linked up to tell Food for Thought all about their lockdown experiences.

Spotlight post #146 by Jupiter Grant.

Twenty one writers shared their work so a spotlight roundup of three posts was published. The lovely Jupiter Grant highlighted those that resonated with her. And you can find her choices here...

Prompt #147 Celebrity

Monday, 27 April 2020

F4Thought #146 - Round Up

f4thought #146 lockdown round up
#F4Thought #146 - Lockdown Round Up of three spotlight posts chosen by Jupiter Grant

This weeks Lockdown topic for Food for Thought proved very popular. Twenty one bloggers linked to the meme. Which meant a roundup of three spotlight posts would need to be done.

I am a fan of Jupiter Grants work. Not only that she is a wonderfully supportive blogger and author. If you are not aware of her blog check it out. In fact check it out anyway ;-)

So over to Jupiter for this weeks spotlight roundup...

Food 4 Thought Round Up #146 by Jupiter Grant

No matter who or where we are, the coronavirus pandemic has a huge impact upon our lives, and has forced us to adapt to these very strange and worrying circumstances. With that comes uncertainty and anxiety, but what I also discovered through reading all of the Food 4 Thought submissions this week, is that lots of us are finding positive ways to combat the fear, the upheaval, the loneliness and the frustration. Even if just through articulating those thoughts and feelings through the written word, it seems that a large number of bloggers are finding respite and expression by sharing their own experiences of this unprecedented global lockdown. So thank you to everyone who joined in with this week's topic.

Monday, 20 April 2020

F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

#F4Thought #146 - Lockdown - Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented situation as most of the world is involved in some kind of lock-down due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

I thought the prompt for last week – Hopes and Dreams – was very apt considering we are living through uncertain times.

Spotlight post #145 by Elliott Henry.

I am a big fan and friend of Elliott Henry. He has the ability to make me smile. Bringing joy to the world is a gift. So over to Elliott for his choice of spotlight post...

I liked Barefoot's post a lot, of course the photo, imagine the stories that would prompt, but that she had not posted for a year and now is back. I like she has emerged from a year of drought and has dreams. I loved the last line, that is a dream come true indeed.

“... in the current situation where hopes, dreams and goals are in limbo, then I shall enjoy the opportunity to nurture relationships remotely with all of the lovely folk who fill my world with sunshine. I am also excited to have so much time to learn with my children, to have playtime when they/we are not tired and cranky from a busy, busy day and to really find the time to get to know the lovely boys they are growing into.” Read More...

Prompt #146 Lockdown

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

F4Thought #145 - Hopes & Dreams

Hopes and Dreams #F4Thought
Image Via Pixabay
What are your hopes and dreams?
It was heartwarming to read your posts about inspiring relatives, especially as it was a topic I (Floss) really couldn’t find any inspiration for. I think this week’s topic could also be one that gives us the warm and fuzzy feels as we as you all to share posts about your ‘Hopes & Dreams’. Before we move onto that though, it was my turn to choose to the spotlight post this week … 

Spotlight Post #144 by Floss 

This week’s post from Corrupting Mrs Jones is my spotlight choice for this week. Her post really made me consider all the relatives many of us have whose life stories may not be quite as we expected and how thankfully for many of us times have changed. 

‘It wasn’t until a month or so after her passing that we discovered Nana had other unconventional skeletons in her closet. It turns out that in 1936 in a large country town a 17 year old girl who would later become my grandmother gave birth to an illegitimate son. At the time being an unwed mother was not desirable. Nana was slightly fortunate in that her family supported her well at this time.’ Read More

Prompt #145 - Hopes and Dreams 

Monday, 6 April 2020

F4Thought #144 - Inspiring Relatives

inspiring relatives
#F4Thought #144 - Inspiring Relatives ~
Write about inspiring family members, or those you consider family, who are living or dead.

What do you admire about them?
The world continues in crazy mode and this is obviously having an impact on all of us. But thankfully blogging gives me a bit of routine. And I enjoyed reading your myth busting posts.

Spotlight Post #143 by May More

There were some excellent D's articles included in this weeks entries. I am a fan of Purple Gem and was drawn to Purple Sole's post initially for two reasons. The image attached to the narrative. PS looking very flamboyant. And also the title - Always Seeking More - Me being A “More” of course. It made me smile. But once I started reading I knew immediately I would be featuring it here. I am always impressed by PS's honesty and as usual he talks frankly and intelligently about his life with Gem and their relationship

This isn’t just about D/s, social media is all about portraying an image, a better more successful, more attractive you. And if everybody else is then the only reason we’re doing it is to stay on the same level as others. Trying to improve oneself isn’t inherently bad. I strive to be a better Dom and a better human. To help this I had clothes I wouldn’t usually wear ready to take to Eroticon this year. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t seen in faux black snake leather trousers and patent shoes (with purple soles). READ MORE...

Well I disagree I would love to see Purple Sole in this outfit.

Prompt #144 Amazing Relatives.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

F4Thought #143 - Myth Busting

Myth Busting #F4Thought
F4Thought #143 - Myth Busting
Image Via Pixabay
Spirituality is a word that can resonate with different people in different ways and lasts week’s posts definitely showed how true this can be. I thoroughly enjoyed all the approaches shared and both myself and May always appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us for #F4Thought, but particularly when times are trying, which they are right now, for all of us. We hope you are all staying safe and some support to reach out to. 

Spotlight Post #142 by Floss

#F4ThoughtSpotlight Post 
The post I have chosen for this week’s spotlight post came from a blogger who actually gave us two entries, but it was their shorter piece that really made an impact on me. I personally believe that putting out positive thoughts into the world is a force for good and to my mind prayer is just that, putting out positive hopes and warm thoughts into the world regarding those close to you and often the wider population too. Mr Sailor did just that with his post My prayer’s for you …

On this Sunday morning as I begin my day, carnal desires seems like a distant hum. My thoughts are of you, with all of you. To you with a special special place in my heart and to those unknown.’ Read More …

We had two late entries last week which have been added to the end of last week’s post, they are both well worth a read so if you missed them please do go back and give them a read. 

Prompt #143 - Myth Busting

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

F4Thought #142 - Spirituality

 #F4Thought #142 - Spirituality ~ In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life.

Last week the posts all about initiative really made think. Certainly, in hard times it is so important we use our initiative to be resourceful even if the way we are living has changed.

Spotlight Post #141 by May More

The posts were quite varied and I enjoyed reading them all. One that really stood out for me was - The initiatives of #noEroticon - by Marie Rebel. The yearly Erotic conference – Eroticon – was cancelled due to concerns about the virus. However for those with long journeys the news came too late and they arrived in Camden. What to do? They showed initiative and put on a mini conference where a few of them delivered their speeches/workshops as normal. Over to the post...

“On Friday evening I learned that we would have a mini conference — a #noEroticon of you like — where Haiku and Anna Sky would deliver their sessions, and Eye invited me to do mine too. I only had to think about it for a minute, and said yes, I would be there. I loved this initiative of Eye, and definitely wanted to be part of it, especially as I have seen the disappointment around me of people who only heard on Friday that the conference was cancelled.”    READ MORE...

Prompt #142 Spirituality 

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

F4Thought #141 - Initiative, Taking Charge and Making Things Happen

Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen #F4Thought
Image Via Pixabay
Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen
I (Floss) failed miserably at last week’s sporting prompt. Could I get my brain to think of anything productive to say about sporting endeavours, no I could not, so I was absolutely bowled over by the creative ways in which you all shared your thoughts on sports with us. However, it is not for me to choose the top post this week, that task is down to the wonderful Posy Churchgate …

Spotlight Post #140 by Posy Churchgate

#F4TSpotlight Post 
On being asked to judge this week’s prompt, I made the mistake of latching onto the word sport. As a couch potato with bad hand-eye co-ordination I wondered what I knew about the topic? All who contributed broadened my horizons. The real prompt was sporting fun and people found many ways to raise their pulse or flex their muscles. 

My top pick is ML Slave Puppet’s post - describing a herculean tenacity and dedication to certain sports. The part which really spoke to me, and may help others, is how she defines & categories types of exercise in relation to her mental health.

“Football has a 60% chance of getting me out of my potentially deteriorating mental health...running, going for a walk and yoga deteriorate my mental health because these activities make me retreat further inside my head.” READ MORE

Floss Says: As we had so many awesome posts this week, but not quite enough for a top 3, Posy also picked another post she wanted to highlight, so back to Posy for that …

The post I want to highly commend was Clear-eyed Girl’s because it educated me, not simply on the horse and carriage sport in which she participates, but it gave me glimpses of her relationship dynamic, summarizing: “He drives, I lean”.

Prompt #141 - Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen

Monday, 9 March 2020

F4Thought #140 - Sports Fun

F4Thought #140 - Sports Fun ~ this prompt is about sports, athletics and exercise in general. Sports you have been physically involved in now or in the past. Or sports you support. Perhaps you exercise as part of your weekly routine?

We received a great range of posts on the topic of dating. And both thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Floss has been on a few dates of her own recently so was eager to choose the spotlight post.

Spotlight Post #139 by Floss

The conversation around dates and dating has been happening in my life for a few months now, so I was delighted to see so many links to this week’s F4Thought, sharing your thoughts and stories on the topic.

My pick for this week’s spotlight post is ‘A date is what you make of it’ by Lillith Avir. It seems what I want from dates is fairly traditional, but I totally agree with the ethos of Lillith’s post and think we should be enjoying all kinds of dates, regardless of whether or not they fit the Hollywood criteria of ‘dating’.

“The few dates I had, I mostly enjoyed because of the attention. Being picked up, go to a nice place and so on. But it was rarely about the man I was with. It makes me think that the kind of dating I always thought of is not for me. Whatever the case is, things are very different now.” Read More...

Prompt #140 Sporting Fun

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

F4Thought #139 - Dates and Dating

Dates and Dating #F4Thought
What are your thoughts on Dates & Dating?
Image Via Pixabay
You are definitely a creative bunch, last week’s prompt of Time Slip brought out some great posts from you all. May has done the spotlight post for this week, but I’ll tell you a secret she chose my favourite too. This week’s prompt is Dates & Dating, so plenty of room for variety and I’m very excited to hear your thoughts on this topic. Before then though, the Spotlight for #138 …

Spotlight Post #138 by May More

#F4ThoughtSpotlight Post
The posts we received for the Time Slip prompt were a joy to read. Even those that tackled difficult issues were well thought out and absorbed the reader from start to finish. When the meme closed I sat back and thought about each one. In my mind, I kept returning to one particular story. The Loop from Michael. The tale sparkled and lifted my spirits. I don't really want to say more than that or I'll give away the plot but here is a quote to whet your appetite and if I was you I would settle down with a cup of coffee and have read.

We entered the shop which was filled to the brim with the dusty detritus of ages gone by. Items piled haphazardly on top of each other with no rhyme or reason and seemingly defying the laws of gravity and physics. It seemed that many of the items could not possibly be removed without sending every piece of delicately balance junk crashing to the floor and burying us alive.Read More

Prompt #139 - Dates and Dating

Monday, 24 February 2020

F4Thought #138 - Time Slip

old boats time slip
F4Thought #138 - Time Slip ~ Let your imagination run wild and tell us about a time in your own life you wish you could return to and perhaps make a change. Or write a story with the title of Time-Slip.

Regrets and Hindsight produced many reflective posts, which of course is great as Floss and I like to view Food for Thought as the thinking meme.

Meme Mentions

Before I move on to the spotlight post I want to mention a few things. Each week, as well as F4T, I'm also involved in the admin side of Sex Bloggers For Mental Health. There is a special collaboration going on this week between SB4MH, TellMeAbout and WickedWednesday. They are discussing Codependency as their topic. Check out those links if you want to take part.

The second mention is Master's Pleasing Bitch health related site and meme. The first prompt is all about physical health. I am writing my post this very day.

Talking about Julie, last weeks prompt was chosen by her so between us we decided she should also pick the spotlight post. Julie has done this once before.

Spotlight Post #137 by Master's Pleasing Bitch

Julie Says  ~ This weeks F4T was really thought provoking and I'm glad I suggested the topic. The decision was a difficult one, there are so many strong contenders for the spotlight post.

I've chosen submissy's post – Regrets.

The approach Missy has taken is a measured and thoughtful one. Using the themes of regret that
people express when dying was interesting. I got the feeling that when the time comes Missy will have little to regret in her life.

"I do feel positive that currently the life that we have carved out for ourselves leaves us both feeling fulfilled and not lacking or wistful about things which are being missed." READ MORE...

Prompt #138 Time-Slip

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

F4Thought #137 - With Hindsight and Regrets

With Hindsight & Regrets #F4Thought
Image Via Pixabay 
May’s prompt last week of Love Letters created some beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing so many heartfelt and honest posts with us. This week’s topic is definitely a little different, but before we move on to ‘With Hindsight and Regrets’ suggest by Julie from masterspleasingbitch, we have three awesome spotlight posts to share with you. 

Spotlight Post #136 by Floss

#F4TSpotlight Post
A tale of two courgettes by Eye - I chose this post partly because I related to a lot of what Eye described in her post and partly because it was just so beautifully written. Eye discusses a phase in her life that I suspect many of us have been through, but perhaps wouldn’t be able to write about so eloquently. 

‘In my case the gap opened up in front of me like a moon path across the sea as I received a text telling me to go to my local supermarket and to buy courgettes and I walked onto it.  A simple enough task, and relatively easy to complete. Except that it meant I had to have my own agenda for that hour.’ Read More

A Love Letter to HL by submissy - Love can be expressed in some many ways and I was absolutely swept in in Missy’s declarations. It’s always a joy to read about her experiences with HL, but she blew me away with this post, it was incredibly beautiful. 

Monday, 10 February 2020

F4Thought #136 - Love Letters

love letters f4thought
F4Thought #136 - Love Letters ~ Have you written or received a Love Letter and if so did it have the desired effect?
Have you ever found someone else's Love Letters?

I felt proud of our Food for Thought community when I read all the fantastic posts this week. A great topic and really fascinating thoughts about it.

Spotlight Post #135 by May More

I want to add a quick mention to SubMissy who celebrated an important birthday this week. Her post “Mother to Adults” really resonated with me, having older children like Missy. I was sure it was going to be my spotlight post until Deviant Succubus added a last minute entry yesterday afternoon. I felt DS discussed many important aspects of what Pride and being Proud is all about. It is excellent read.

See, for me, pride has absolutely nothing to do with who I am, where I come from, who my parents are or who I can fall in love with. Pride, for me, has only to do with real accomplishments, with things that I can do, things that I have done well or things that I have created. I personally don’t relate to concepts of honour and pride, national pride or being proud of one’s sexuality. I am not saying that this should be the way everyone approaches the concept of pride. We all have our own definitions and understandings of it. And that is okay because pride is first and foremost a feeling, and we all identify and describe feelings differently. But what pride feels like inside: the warm fuzzies of feeling good about something? I think that is something that most people experience similarly. READ MORE ...

Prompt #136 Love Letters

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

f4Thought #135 - Pride & Feeling Proud

Pride & Feeling Proud #F4Thought
#F4Thought #135 - Pride & Feeling Proud
Image via Pixabay
I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the different directions in which our F4Thought contributors took their writings about Privacy. We had everything from erotica to pieces on cyber security, it was a good week and I (Floss) had the task of pickling the spotlight post which you can find below before we move onto our new topic of Pride and Feeling Proud. 

Monday, 27 January 2020

F4Thought #134 - Privacy

#F4thought #134 ~ Privacy - How much do you value your personal privacy? 
The friendship posts were very heartwarming. It was great to read about everyone's journey with friends. Going back to childhood and right up to date with online chums too.

Spotlight Post #133 by Sassy Cat.

The topic was suggested by Sweetgirl. As she had already chosen a spotlight post in week #123 I asked the incredibly talented creator of #SB4MH, Sassy Cat if she would like to pick an article to highlight for this week.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

F4Thought #133 - Friendship

Friendship #F4Thought
#F4Thought #133 - Friendship
Image via Pixabay
It was another fabulous turnout last week and all your thoughts on Home were truly wonderful, I know I definitely had specific posts that spoke to me, but I didn’t do that roundup, that task feel to the wonderful Steeled Snake Charmer and Steeled Snake. Our next topic I’ll be introducing in a moment is Friendship but before we begin another awesome week on Food for Thought, let’s find out who our spotlight picks were. 

Spotlight Posts #132 by @SteelChrmr and @steeledsnake

Snake and I were so excited to be asked to do the Spotlight for this week’s Food 4 Thought.  It always makes me laugh when we do these because we choose separately and then use the common ones.  And negotiate for the differences. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

F4Thought #132 - Home, Place or Person

home place person f4thought
#F4thought #132 ~ Home. What does this word mean to you? Home is where the heart is..

We were really thrilled to see so many of you linking up this week to Marie Rebel's prompt of Intimacy. The writing was amazing.

Spotlight Post for #131 by Marie Rebel

As you can see Marie also agreed to choose the spotlight post. But because we had so many entries there is a spotlight three and you can find it here.

Prompt #132 ~ Home. What does this word mean to you?

Monday, 13 January 2020

F4Thought #131 - Roundup

roundup #131
#F4Thought #131 Roundup - Intimacy - by Marie Rebel
I think both Floss and I were very pleased when Marie agreed to do the spotlight three for her prompt suggestion of intimacy. It could not have been an easy task. We had 28 entries and all were particularly good. Here is Marie's RoundUp.

Intimacy #131 Spotlight 3 From Marie Rebel

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

F4Thought #131 - Intimacy: What Does It Mean To You?

Intimacy - What Does It Mean To You? #F4Thought
#F4Thought #131 Intimacy - What Does It Mean To You?
Image Via Pixabay
The turn out for our 2019 in a Nutshell prompt was fantastic, it fell to me (Floss) to do the spotlight three, because that’s our number when we get over 20 links and I will be revealing them in a moment. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the past year though, you all shared some amazing thoughts and myself and May absolutely hope we see more of you return to F4Thought in 2020. 

Spotlight Posts #130 by Floss 

In a Nutshell by Eye - I defy anyone to read any of Eye’s posts and not fall in love with her writing. She has such a beautiful way of composing her posts and this one was no different. I loved her reflections on 2019 and I can’t wait to see what she shares with us in 2020. 

Reflecting and Looking Forward by Zoe K - I could relate to the need to find some quiet time away from the constant buzzing that many of us have in our brains, we all have our own methods of finding the quiet and I very much enjoyed reading about how Zoe is finding her hers. 

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 by Little Switch Bitch - This is perhaps a tactical inclusion. I love reading posts from LSB that share her personal thoughts a little more and this one was no different and I know this is something she hopes to do more of in 2020, because it says so in her post, but a little extra encouragement never hurts, right? 

Prompt #131 - Intimacy: What does it mean to you?


F4Thought #146 - Lockdown

#F4Thought #146 - Lockdown - Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented situation as most of the world is involved in some kind of lo...