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Faking Orgasms ~ Guest Post

faking orgasms
#f4thought Faking Orgasms ~ Guest Post PJA Woode

When you hear the phrase ‘faking it’ you probably think of women putting on a performance to assuage the sexual ego of a male partner. There could be a multitude of reasons for her action and doubtless many are listed in the other posts here.

And – dare I say this – I imagine women can probably fake an orgasm very effectively. I’m sure many men wouldn’t know at all. 
But what about a man faking it? Surely every woman would know it as the tell-tale signs of his climax are missing – there’s no softening cock and no spurt of spunk.

Well, I have to confess that I have faked it more than once. I can give a pretty good performance of grunts, gasps and groans. And as for the lack of ejaculate, I have said that I've had a ‘dry come’. Or I have explained that I can have multiple smaller orgasms which are great, but this can lead to no big explosion at the end. Both of which excuse the fact that my cock is still standing to attention at the end of all the action and I haven’t ejaculated.

As it happens, these things can actually be true for me. I can have dry comes (took a while to work out how and all that, though that is another story). And I can also have what I call ‘mini multiples.’

But the deceit comes when I use either as an excuse when – in truth – neither occurred.

I might then go on to say it is not all about coming. The build up and the action are more than good enough – and it is often really great to keep all that sexual energy rather than discharge it by ejaculating. Those familiar with tantric practices might understand that there really is something to this.

So, yes, I have faked it and I have explained how I do it. What is quite hard to explain is why…as this is a more complex issue, but I will give two examples.

Blow jobs are my utter delight. I adore them. But they have been off the menu sadly for rather a long time. However, a while ago I was treated to one. So when I couldn’t come - god I wanted to, but I just couldn’t get myself over the edge - I had to explain it away. I didn’t want my partner to think she’d not done it right and I really wanted to give her every encouragement to do it again in the future.

My second example is very different. And this needs more of an explanation.

There are times when I can’t come even though I want to. I’m sure I am not the only guy who experiences the occasional bout of retarded ejaculation. At different periods in my life this has been more of an issue than it is now. Occasionally it can still happen to me. Just as sometimes I come sooner than I’d like. This happens – I’m a man.

And when I can’t deliver the goods (and sadly I am sometimes criticised for this as ‘no longer fancying my partner’ – though said in jest, it nonetheless wrankles) I will also fake it. It’s just easier. And can prevent a long period of thrusting which can result in mutual soreness regardless of how much of the very best lube we apply.

So I faked it. And I feel quite all right about doing it as I felt it was the most appropriate – and indeed kind – thing to do. In both situations.


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  1. How lovely that you're so honest and forthcoming about this Woody (no pun intended!)

    The dry 'come' and the tantric sex references are both tantalising glimpses into your sex life, wonderful to know!

    I think you are right, the end justifying the means. It seems that faking it is the "white lie" of most people's sex life. I'd suggest a firework / bells and whistles climax isn't always attainable or necessary - so long as one enjoys the journey.

    Thanks so much for sharing. xx

  2. Wholly agree on both situations of 'faking' it, having experienced them myself too.
    The dry come for me usually happens after a lot of sexual activity over a period of days, and it's like the tank is dry, but you still orgasm!
    I've experienced the second situation you describe too, especially when there's just too much stimulation - blowjob plus anal plus sensory deprivation, for example. At times like that I so badly want to come but it doesn't happen, like the body is just overwhelmed by what's going on and kinda shuts down.
    Thanks for your post!

  3. I was so happy for F4T to host this for you Woode - such an honest and interesting account. Great post -thank you for sharing it x

  4. It seems we have had similar experiences. The will and desire is there, but sometimes our bodies just don't play along.


  5. I agree that it is sometimes the kind thing to do.
    I had a guy who had multiple orgasms and it blew my mind. That is definitely hot.



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