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F4Thought #145 - Hopes & Dreams

Hopes and Dreams #F4Thought
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What are your hopes and dreams?
It was heartwarming to read your posts about inspiring relatives, especially as it was a topic I (Floss) really couldn’t find any inspiration for. I think this week’s topic could also be one that gives us the warm and fuzzy feels as we as you all to share posts about your ‘Hopes & Dreams’. Before we move onto that though, it was my turn to choose to the spotlight post this week … 

Spotlight Post #144 by Floss 

This week’s post from Corrupting Mrs Jones is my spotlight choice for this week. Her post really made me consider all the relatives many of us have whose life stories may not be quite as we expected and how thankfully for many of us times have changed. 

‘It wasn’t until a month or so after her passing that we discovered Nana had other unconventional skeletons in her closet. It turns out that in 1936 in a large country town a 17 year old girl who would later become my grandmother gave birth to an illegitimate son. At the time being an unwed mother was not desirable. Nana was slightly fortunate in that her family supported her well at this time.’ Read More

Prompt #145 - Hopes and Dreams 

Times are tough right now but I hope we are all still remembering to hold onto and nurture our Hopes and Dreams. Perhaps your hopes and dreams for the future have changed recently or maybe the inability to act on them during this current climate has intensified your need to realise them once normality resumes. 

Whatever Hopes & Dreams inspires you to write about please share your thoughts with us, remember you can link older posts too, so if you’ve already addressed this topic, whack a F4Thought badge on it and let us all have a gander. Some questions you may like to ponder to get the creative juices flowing are …

How have your hopes & dreams changed over the years?
What obstacles are preventing you from chasing your dreams?
Is your blog a big feature in your future hopes & dreams?
Have you got a dream you’ve yet to share with us, but would like to today? (Go on, you know we will cheer you on.)

I asked May ...Money is often a resource that holds people back from fulfilling their dreams in life. If you had an infinite supply of money would your hopes and dreams for the future change?

May Says … Ultimately my hopes and dreams are for my children to live in a world that is full of grace rather than horror. But if I think simply of myself then money would enable me to live "the way" I want to live. And I should say that is not extravagant by any means...

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