Monday, 18 May 2020

F4Thought #150 - Holidays

#F4Thought #150 - Holidays ~ When did you have your last holiday & where did you go?
Do you think in the near future it will harder to travel abroad?
Some absolutely fascinating posts this week about libido. I have been extremely impressed with them. So much that I have picked two spotlight posts instead of one.

Spotlight Post #149 by May More

The two posts I have chosen are similar in one way but different in another. They both shone through for me as they talk about having to evoke changes to make things better. They were proactive in raising their libido. I do like a bit of positive control being taken to alter things for the better rather than letting them slip further or responding too late.

Corrupting Mrs Jones talks about how depression and prescribed medication had a negative effect on her libido. Rather than just sit back and accept this she decided to find out about changing her medication.

“My goal of increasing my sexual function was achieved. Sometimes I was able to climax after two strokes of a vibrator or a dildo. It was unheard of. On top of that I found that the grinding tiredness that had been a feature of my life for so long was lessened. There were many pluses." READ MORE...

Life of a Kinky Wife also took her libido into hand, deciding after a breast cancer scare that her life would need to change.

“The lack of intimacy was harder than the testing. More emotionally draining. The stress built and eventually, it resulted in an explosion. Now it was a big deal, it was affecting more than just me...
I needed to find a way out. A way to reawaken my much-needed libido."  READ MORE...


Prompt #150 Holidays

A few weeks ago when I chose this prompt I was desperately wanting a holiday. I know in some way we are all on an odd kind of vacation at the moment - but circumstance differs widely from person to person. I can tell you that after my lockdown is over I will need a holiday. What about you?

Please write in anyway you wish on the topic of holidays.Your thoughts or fiction. Perhaps some images or a poem. Happy to accept older posts or more than one from your blog. If you don't have a blog let me know and I will be glad to host on here or my own site.
Everyone is welcome.  

Here are a few questions to get your thinking.

  • When did you have your last holiday & where did you go?
  • Do you think in the near future it will harder to travel abroad?

Please take time to comment on other posts in the meme and enjoy your writing ;-)

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  1. As a tribute to Kilted Wookie - who created this space and the Food 4 Thought Friday meme I have linked up more than 1 piece, because I think the meme should go out with a Bang! So glad you are continuing with it May, albeit with a bit of a re-style, on your If Sex Matters site



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