Monday, 27 January 2020

F4Thought #134 - Privacy

#F4thought #134 ~ Privacy - How much do you value your personal privacy? 
The friendship posts were very heartwarming. It was great to read about everyone's journey with friends. Going back to childhood and right up to date with online chums too.

Spotlight Post #133 by Sassy Cat.

The topic was suggested by Sweetgirl. As she had already chosen a spotlight post in week #123 I asked the incredibly talented creator of #SB4MH, Sassy Cat if she would like to pick an article to highlight for this week.


This is a very broad theme. As always link up with personal narrative, fiction, poems or even images if they are on prompt.

Here are a few guide questions to get you thinking

  • Is privacy even possible in the 21st century digital world? 
  • How much do you value your personal privacy? 
  • Have you one or more aliases because you need to keep things hidden? 
  • Do you respect your lovers privacy? Have you ever checked their phone?

Please take a little time to read other peoples work...

I asked Floss... 
What is the likely hood you would open a door that was labeled “Private, Keep Out” - if you knew for sure nobody would find out?

I am going to be super dull and say I probably wouldn’t open it at all. In my experience anything behind those doors is usually far duller than you’d expect and the only time it leads to something exciting is in movies. In movie circumstances it would probably lead to the kind of excitement I don’t want, like being chased by someone or discovering some horrible secret that endangers my life. So either way I’m good, the door can stay shut and whatever is behind it can remain a mystery to me!

 Additional entry from @KurvyKinkster ... Privacy and Inner Voices We Live With

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