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F4Thought #144 - Inspiring Relatives

inspiring relatives
#F4Thought #144 - Inspiring Relatives ~
Write about inspiring family members, or those you consider family, who are living or dead.

What do you admire about them?
The world continues in crazy mode and this is obviously having an impact on all of us. But thankfully blogging gives me a bit of routine. And I enjoyed reading your myth busting posts.

Spotlight Post #143 by May More

There were some excellent D's articles included in this weeks entries. I am a fan of Purple Gem and was drawn to Purple Sole's post initially for two reasons. The image attached to the narrative. PS looking very flamboyant. And also the title - Always Seeking More - Me being A “More” of course. It made me smile. But once I started reading I knew immediately I would be featuring it here. I am always impressed by PS's honesty and as usual he talks frankly and intelligently about his life with Gem and their relationship

This isn’t just about D/s, social media is all about portraying an image, a better more successful, more attractive you. And if everybody else is then the only reason we’re doing it is to stay on the same level as others. Trying to improve oneself isn’t inherently bad. I strive to be a better Dom and a better human. To help this I had clothes I wouldn’t usually wear ready to take to Eroticon this year. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t seen in faux black snake leather trousers and patent shoes (with purple soles). READ MORE...

Well I disagree I would love to see Purple Sole in this outfit.

Prompt #144 Amazing Relatives.


I often hear or read about people moaning about their relatives and it got me thinking about my own. There were certainly some from my past that probably should have been locked up! But there were others that possessed such admirable qualities.

So please share your posts, old or new, fact or fiction, poem or prose about anyone you view as family and believe deserve recognition and a post all about them.

Here are a few things to think about.

amazing relatives
May Asks...
Write about inspiring family members, or those you consider family, who are living or dead.

What do you admire about them?

Do you strive to be like them?

What admirable qualities do you feel you possess. And do you think you inspire others?

I asked Floss - What three things would you like your son to say about you...

I am blessed that my little boy says wonderful things about me all the time. Truly the way he sees me is quite possibly the most overwhelming feeling in the world. I hope thought that as he gets older he always sees that I tried to be positive, honest and kind, not only in relation to him but with regards to others too. If he says he sees those qualities in me when he’s big I’ll be a happy Mama. Currently though I’ll settle for him saying I cook the best curry and that I’m very pretty.

Please try and check out a few of the other posts in the meme ...

Posy was late to the party but very welcome - here is her post-

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