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F4Thought #141 - Initiative, Taking Charge and Making Things Happen

Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen #F4Thought
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Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen
I (Floss) failed miserably at last week’s sporting prompt. Could I get my brain to think of anything productive to say about sporting endeavours, no I could not, so I was absolutely bowled over by the creative ways in which you all shared your thoughts on sports with us. However, it is not for me to choose the top post this week, that task is down to the wonderful Posy Churchgate …

Spotlight Post #140 by Posy Churchgate

#F4TSpotlight Post 
On being asked to judge this week’s prompt, I made the mistake of latching onto the word sport. As a couch potato with bad hand-eye co-ordination I wondered what I knew about the topic? All who contributed broadened my horizons. The real prompt was sporting fun and people found many ways to raise their pulse or flex their muscles. 

My top pick is ML Slave Puppet’s post - describing a herculean tenacity and dedication to certain sports. The part which really spoke to me, and may help others, is how she defines & categories types of exercise in relation to her mental health.

“Football has a 60% chance of getting me out of my potentially deteriorating mental health...running, going for a walk and yoga deteriorate my mental health because these activities make me retreat further inside my head.” READ MORE

Floss Says: As we had so many awesome posts this week, but not quite enough for a top 3, Posy also picked another post she wanted to highlight, so back to Posy for that …

The post I want to highly commend was Clear-eyed Girl’s because it educated me, not simply on the horse and carriage sport in which she participates, but it gave me glimpses of her relationship dynamic, summarizing: “He drives, I lean”.

Prompt #141 - Initiative, Taking Charge & Making Things Happen

The prompt of ‘Initiative’ has been suggested to us by Liz Black, I asked Liz if she had any thoughts she like to share with you all on what brought this to mind for her and this is her response …

‘Seeing how the phrase ‘initiative’ could be applied to many things, I thought it would make an excellent prompt. To me personally, I didn’t mean to use it in a love or relationship sense at all. 

I struggle with taking the initiative, as in literally doing things. They don’t even have to be life-changing options, but simple things like going for a long walk in an unknown place, or baking a new pie. This is what I am hoping to explore with this prompt.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s ideas.’

We always like to try and give you as many ways as possible to join in with any given prompt, so please do join us with any thoughts, fact or fiction, you have that are inspired by using your initiative or the phrases ‘taking charge’ and ‘making things happen’. Some other things you might like to consider for the prompt are ...

Are there areas of life you wish you took more initiative with?
Have you ever surprised yourself by taking the initiative?
Has using/not using your initiative ever been a problem in relationships, either romantically or sexually?
You took the initiative to create a blog, maybe tell us about that. 

As always old posts are welcome, as are combining memes, so long as our badge is added to any post you link here and the post in question fits our weekly topic then we are always happy to have you link up. 

I asked May … Using your initiative isn’t always easy, has there been a time in your life you used your initiative to your own surprise and impressed yourself with the results it created?

May SaysI think when something unusual happens showing initiative can help turn a situation around. Some people are very resourceful in general I am not very practical but have a quick brain. I work with animals and my initiative has on more than one occasion, I am happy to say, saved an animals life.

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