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F4Thought #143 - Myth Busting

Myth Busting #F4Thought
F4Thought #143 - Myth Busting
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Spirituality is a word that can resonate with different people in different ways and lasts week’s posts definitely showed how true this can be. I thoroughly enjoyed all the approaches shared and both myself and May always appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us for #F4Thought, but particularly when times are trying, which they are right now, for all of us. We hope you are all staying safe and some support to reach out to. 

Spotlight Post #142 by Floss

#F4ThoughtSpotlight Post 
The post I have chosen for this week’s spotlight post came from a blogger who actually gave us two entries, but it was their shorter piece that really made an impact on me. I personally believe that putting out positive thoughts into the world is a force for good and to my mind prayer is just that, putting out positive hopes and warm thoughts into the world regarding those close to you and often the wider population too. Mr Sailor did just that with his post My prayer’s for you …

On this Sunday morning as I begin my day, carnal desires seems like a distant hum. My thoughts are of you, with all of you. To you with a special special place in my heart and to those unknown.’ Read More …

We had two late entries last week which have been added to the end of last week’s post, they are both well worth a read so if you missed them please do go back and give them a read. 

Prompt #143 - Myth Busting

I’m hoping that you’ve all got a topic that you’re passionate about, that occasionally other folks totally misjudge or that often gets misrepresented, if so now is your chance to climb onto your soapbox and bust all the myths surrounding it and set the record straight. 

For me, the aspect of my life I have most often had to correct people about is bisexuality! The question I asked May this week though, which you can see below, relates to something she is passionate and knowledgable about … food! 

We have lots of people in our wonderful blogging community and I would love to hear what folks get wrong about something you hold dear, this could be a great chance for us to reach new people with our thoughts and help them understand different aspects of a subject matter they may not have a lot of experience with. 

I won’t pose questions this week to get the brain cogs whirring, but I will offer up a few topics that might work well for this prompt, perhaps you even have them written already. If so whack a Food for Thought badge on them and link them up. Some subject to consider are …

Sexuality - Gender -Non-Monogamy (swinging, polyamory etc) - Mental Health - Physical Health Parenting - Blogging - Online Relationships - Long Distance Relationships - BDSM - Specific Fetishes or Kinks 

Remember fact, fiction, new or old we want to hear what thought you have on busting those myths that drive you bananas. We’d also love to hear from you if you have suggestions for future prompts or if you would like to choose the spotlight post one week. Please don’t be shy, whether you’re a new blogger or a blogging veteran we would love to see you getting involved. 

I asked MayYour blog readers will know that food nutrition is an area of interest to you. If you could permanently erase one myth or misconception related to food what would it be?

May says … Excellent question. One of my passions, nutritionally, is oils and fats. The world seems obsessed with saturated fats and cholesterol. As in we must all steer clear. But if you eat lots of good fats as well – omega oils – then they literally help to offset the effect of the so called bad fats. But people became paranoid and started to restrict the good fats too, causing many other health-related problems. In my younger days, I wrote a few essays about oils and fats – now I write about sex! It is good to be adaptable ;-)

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