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F4Thought #133 - Friendship

Friendship #F4Thought
#F4Thought #133 - Friendship
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It was another fabulous turnout last week and all your thoughts on Home were truly wonderful, I know I definitely had specific posts that spoke to me, but I didn’t do that roundup, that task feel to the wonderful Steeled Snake Charmer and Steeled Snake. Our next topic I’ll be introducing in a moment is Friendship but before we begin another awesome week on Food for Thought, let’s find out who our spotlight picks were. 

Spotlight Posts #132 by @SteelChrmr and @steeledsnake

Snake and I were so excited to be asked to do the Spotlight for this week’s Food 4 Thought.  It always makes me laugh when we do these because we choose separately and then use the common ones.  And negotiate for the differences. 

The theme of home being a person or a place seemed to resonate with everyone.  We loved reading all of the wonderful posts and learning just a bit more about so many people.  It was really difficult to choose three because there were so many that we wanted to pick. We had one in common and then chose one from each of our separate lists and chose these three out of our original seven in no particular order:
Home – a Food for Thought Friday post by Eye. This is such a heartbreaking story about the loss of her home, but coming back with a new and different sense of home … ‘I left it. My handcrafted home, filled with pictures of children, memories of tears and laughter, and the unpainted putty around the window he smashed when he attacked me in the kitchen not quite set even after a year had passed…’
He’s My Home by Jae Lynn. This has two perfect quotes in it and so much love.  We love the relationship and how he is the protector and keeper of her heart … ‘What we cannot replace is the feeling of home within the person you love- this is what I feel with pet. I found this quote and it was the perfect description of how pet feels about me, about us.’
My Home: One Room, Four Cats and a Man by Liz Black. The word sanctuary just seemed to really resonate with what home should be, whether it be a person or place … ‘‘That’s not where Liz lives’ our friends from Denmark had remarked when they passed by my house for the first time, only to ring our doorbell thirty minutes later, because, yes, that was where I lived.’
Prompt #133 - Friendship

The initial idea for discussing friendship came from @sweetgirl_mrh, way back in July she posed the following question in our F4Thought DM’s … ‘They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, but there is debate surrounding the meaning. One idea suggests that it means when you are in need the friend who helps you is a true friend. The other idea is that when a person needs your help they become friendly to get it. In simple terms, one person will use you, another is a true friend. Do you have true friends or do you often feel used?’

It’s amazing how even when we plan a prompt ahead of time how in the week of its release it feels very timely, which it does for me, and my own post will reflect on why. Which means I want to hear all about your friends, friendships and what being a friend means to you. 

Some further questions you might like to get the brains cogs turning are …

Do you prefer to have many friends or just a few you are close to?
What kind of qualities do you look for in a friend?
What is the best way to make new friends?

Whether you choose to respond to Sweet’s question, some of the above or have some other line of thinking about friends and friendship we can’t wait to read your thoughts. Old posts are welcome too, just update them with our F4Thought badge, fiction and pictures are also welcome here so long as they are in some way related to and/or inspired by the current topic.

I asked May … Have you ever had an imaginary friend? If so can you tell us a bit about them?
If not, why do you think that is?

May Says … Yes I had an imaginary friend from the moment I could talk. Well that is what my Mum used to tell me. She would have to set a place at the dinner table for them or I would throw a tantrum. I have heard that when very young children chat to a pretend playmate it may be a real lost spirit. But who knows?
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