Tuesday, 28 April 2020

F4Thought #147 - Celebrity

#F4Thought #147 - Celebrity
What does the word celebrity mean to you? Have you ever accidentally met a celebrity?
Are you friends with a celebrity?
Last week so many wonderful bloggers linked up to tell Food for Thought all about their lockdown experiences.

Spotlight post #146 by Jupiter Grant.

Twenty one writers shared their work so a spotlight roundup of three posts was published. The lovely Jupiter Grant highlighted those that resonated with her. And you can find her choices here...

Prompt #147 Celebrity

The word celebrity has changed in meaning over the years. It originated from the word celebrated -
 “The actress is celebrated throughout London for her wit and charm”. 

In Victorian times it evolved further and was used as an adjective -
“Oscar Wilde enjoys a degree of celebrity on account of his colourful personality and writing.”

Now a days it is used as a noun - the subject of the sentence - 
"xx is a celebrity."

Write in anyway you wish about the topic of Celebrity. Or include some images if they are your own. Perhaps a poem about your favourite celebrity.
Older posts are welcome if they are about the topic. 

Here are a few questions to get you thinking...

  • What does the word celebrity mean to you? 
  • Have you ever accidentally met a celebrity?
  • Are you friends with a celebrity? 
  • Perhaps you, yourself, have had your ten minutes in the celebrity spotlight?

Please take time to read and comment on other bloggers work once you have linked up yourself.

Header image of Ingrid Bergman from Pixabay.

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