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F4Thought #131 - Roundup

roundup #131
#F4Thought #131 Roundup - Intimacy - by Marie Rebel
I think both Floss and I were very pleased when Marie agreed to do the spotlight three for her prompt suggestion of intimacy. It could not have been an easy task. We had 28 entries and all were particularly good. Here is Marie's RoundUp.

Intimacy #131 Spotlight 3 From Marie Rebel

I am sure when I suggested the Intimacy prompt it's because I wanted to write about how intimacy is not only sex (which I did) and because I wanted to see how others do intimacy, whether it means only sex to them, or maybe share my point of view. I really loved reading the posts, and it made me think that this is all part of intimacy too, the way everyone who linked a post shared their thoughts on the subject. Thank you for that, even though you have made it difficult for me to choose three posts. I had eight posts on my shortlist, and decided to highlight the following three posts:

Sometimes things happen in life that pushes you in a direction you never thought you would be in. In Violet's case her boyfriend is currently healing, which means they have been looking at other ways to be intimate, and I love how honestly she writes about it, and how the two of them are exploring these new ways.

Devie is a wonderful writer, and in this post she draws us into her world, and which kinds of intimacy works for her. She talks about emotional intimacy, and how it can hurt when there's a misunderstanding, but also what kinds of physical intimacy works for her. Her post resonated with me on several levels, even though I in no way carries with me the trauma she does.

Intimacy by Melody
Melody takes us on a journey from growing up without intimacy, to discovering intimacy through BDSM, and how she discovered that sex and intimacy in no way are the same. I love this post, how she went from no intimacy, to now being far more intimate than she ever thought possible.

Many thanks to Marie - The new prompt Home will open Tuesday Morning.

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