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f4Thought #135 - Pride & Feeling Proud

Pride & Feeling Proud #F4Thought
#F4Thought #135 - Pride & Feeling Proud
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the different directions in which our F4Thought contributors took their writings about Privacy. We had everything from erotica to pieces on cyber security, it was a good week and I (Floss) had the task of pickling the spotlight post which you can find below before we move onto our new topic of Pride and Feeling Proud. 

Spotlight Post #134 by Floss

Just yesterday, though, during our marriage talk, we discussed that evenings just aren’t so
#F4TSpotlight Post
great for us. We both work full time, and by the time our son goes to bed (9 pm), neither of us is at the top of our game for sex. Normally, that’s the time I want to shoot for a quick release with a toy and go right to sleep. It’s not a great time for sex plans. But the one night we have without kids in the house is Friday night…and still, I’m pretty done and ready to get to sleep early. Saturday night would be better, but it’s not a night we have childcare most of the time. And besides…he’s really too old for “childcare.” If he spends the night at a friend’s, we get lucky, otherwise, we just have to be quiet, which is just not as fun as, well… not being quiet.’ Read More ...

I enjoyed lots of things about Brigit’s post, mostly I chose it for the spotlight though because it was an incredibly honest account of how privacy affects her sex life and not only that there was a lot of introspection from herself and her husband regarding where they need to be at moving forwards. 

Prompt #135 - Pride and Feeling Proud

This week my question for May which you can read below refers to the Seven Deadly Sins, pride, as we know, is one of those. That I suspect is the kind of pride that comes before a fall, but what about the flip side of pride. The pride we have in our achievement, in our kids, in our fellow bloggers. This week I would love to hear any writings you have in you about what you take pride in, or what makes you feel proud. That said if you have something to say about pride being a sin, well we’d love to read that too. 

If you are a fellow member of the LGBTQ+ community and you have something to share about your experience of pride events or your experience of pride relating to your sexuality then I’d absolutely love to read about this too. 

Some questions you might like to ponder if you need some help getting the creative juices flowing are …

What achievements are you most proud of in your life?
Is it important to you that other people be proud of you?
When was the last time you did something you were proud of?

As always we welcome your new posts and old, all we ask is that old posts are updated with the F4Thought badge. You can also share fiction with us provided it is inspired by the prompt. 

I asked MayWe’re talking about Pride this week on F4T, and as sex bloggers, it’s safe to say we all indulge in a little bit of lust. Of the remaining seven deadly sins (greed, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth) which one do you tend to partake in the most? And why or in what way?

May says … They are a fine selection of sins. Almost by way of elimination it must be envy as the others don't really apply to me very often at all. However, even though I understand that money does not necessarily bring happiness, I do admit to sometimes feeling envious of those with money. If  I was rich I'd make good use of the privilege.

SweetenDirty was a little late to the party but welcome with her post - Privacy, an evolution of sorts.

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