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F4Thought #150 - Roundup

Roundup #150
#F4thought Roundup #150 Holidays ~ Here are The Barefoot Sub's Spotlight choices from your fabulous posts...
Thank you to all who submitted to the topic of holidays last week. There isn't a prompt this week as I have a rather special SoSS coming out on thursday. But until then enjoy The Barefoot Sub's Spotlight choices from your fabulous posts...

Spotlight posts for #150 Holidays by The Barefoot Sub

I'm the barefoot sub, and A leap of Faith is the story of how I became the woman I am today.

When I first started my blog it was a task for Sir, and as well as being a great way to feel connected with him it quickly became a part of me. When wordpress deleted my blog after 4 months due to its pornographic nature I reached out and found that the sex blogging world is as wonderful a place as my local kink community.

After a hiatus I am refreshed and have picked up the trail. I'm currently up to March 2017, and continue to make memories to add as and when I get there. There is some erotica in amongst the autobiographical writing, as well as many pictures of me as I gain confidence and explore my exhibitionism.

As well as telling my story I enjoy participating in the regular memes which are hosted by talented sex and lifestyle bloggers, and sometimes I am lucky enough to be invited to join in and share my favourite pieces, like I have been today. As there were so many posts this week I was asked to pick two spotlight posts, which was still a hard thing to do.

My first choice is by Melody. CW on this Post
She takes us on a trip down memory lane to an unusual holiday which started weeks before the train ride that took her to 24 hours of torture, and ended with a cathartic pain scene and a fantastic moment that Houdini would be amused by. The theme of [F4Thought] Holidays carries a content warning for Kidnap, but this is a scenario which holds great interest for me, and I really enjoyed reliving the experiences with her through her words.

"This is where the safety of roleplay contrasts to real life terror.  You know you’re safe, you know that if the other person is skilled they will make you have doubts and above all you know you only have a fixed time for this to play out and you know that you can back out at any time.
Somewhat disoriented from this takedown I was then chained to the seat and made to duck down before she went haring off like a car chase scene in the movies with just a curt explanation of it being a precaution in case we were being followed.” READ MORE...

My second choice is from Submissy
A holiday to Italy, with her large blended family and an out of sync dynamic. What follows is a wonderful tale of hope for us all, that life does not need to be perfect all of the time in order for you to go to sleep with a smile on your face. Rather than being disrespectful to HL, as she apologises for early on, it is testament to their strength as a couple that she has been able to share this story. Life is not always plain sailing and there are times when submission and/or Dominance just aren't quite there but what matters is how they move forward and grow together. Plus, the bolognaise turned out to be pretty good after all.

“I know, I know. My opinion is his opinion, and he has the final word and all that, but I am a strong and independent woman and I need to be be won and tamed! I was on a roll and it had brought out something not very nice and not very submissive in me. The sort of mood that in a vanilla relationship would allow you to say.
'Fuck off. You are having a laugh.'
(Again, inside my head, as even vanilla me is not that disrespectful and would rather use words and actions to undermine and wriggle out of things instead.)” READ MORE...

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