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F4Thought #136 - Love Letters

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F4Thought #136 - Love Letters ~ Have you written or received a Love Letter and if so did it have the desired effect?
Have you ever found someone else's Love Letters?

I felt proud of our Food for Thought community when I read all the fantastic posts this week. A great topic and really fascinating thoughts about it.

Spotlight Post #135 by May More

I want to add a quick mention to SubMissy who celebrated an important birthday this week. Her post “Mother to Adults” really resonated with me, having older children like Missy. I was sure it was going to be my spotlight post until Deviant Succubus added a last minute entry yesterday afternoon. I felt DS discussed many important aspects of what Pride and being Proud is all about. It is excellent read.

See, for me, pride has absolutely nothing to do with who I am, where I come from, who my parents are or who I can fall in love with. Pride, for me, has only to do with real accomplishments, with things that I can do, things that I have done well or things that I have created. I personally don’t relate to concepts of honour and pride, national pride or being proud of one’s sexuality. I am not saying that this should be the way everyone approaches the concept of pride. We all have our own definitions and understandings of it. And that is okay because pride is first and foremost a feeling, and we all identify and describe feelings differently. But what pride feels like inside: the warm fuzzies of feeling good about something? I think that is something that most people experience similarly. READ MORE ...

Prompt #136 Love Letters


I know a little corny but it is Valentines week. When ever I hear the phrase Love Letters I start singing in my head -

Love letters straight from your heart
Keep us so near
while apart

I'm not alone in the night
When I can have all the love
that you write
I memorize every line
And I kiss the name
that you sign
And darling then
I read again
right from the start
Love letters straight
from your heart.

And I am never sure why as I am not in the least bit romantic. 

What is your opinion about Love Letters? Please write whatever you want about Love Letters / Romance. Or, indeed write an actual Love Letter itself or copy in one you received (if the writer agrees). Happy to accept poems, fiction or images too.

Here are some guidelines.

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May Asks...
  • Have you written or received a Love Letter and if so did it have the desired effect? 
  • Have you ever found someone else's Love Letters? 
  • Are you a romantic at heart.

I asked Floss what her favourite romantic movie was and why?

My all time favourite romantic movie and a movie I have seen more time’s than I can remember is Pretty Woman. The first time I watched it I suspect I was a bit young for it, but oh my goodness I was so in love with Richard Gere! I’m convinced his character in Pretty Woman is rocking all the hot Dom vibes and the scene were they get start to sexy on the piano makes me squirm every time. Julia Roberts is also totally adorable in it and I think I’ll be 80 and still watching this as one of my feel good movies!

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  1. Oh for God's sake, May! What is corny about Valentine's day. I'm sure you will have a hissy fit if you don't get a new pair of wellies on the 14th. I agree about'Pretty Woman'.



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