Thursday, 28 May 2020

F4Thought Bumper #SoSS Edition

#F4Thought Bumper #SoSS Edition to mark the last post in this format...

Food for Thought was gifted to me and Floss by Kilted Wookie. I have a lot of admiration for that man. You can find out why next week when this meme will be moved on to a sub domain of Sex Matters and I have a page dedicated to its history.

The first prompt – Forgive and Forget – will open on the 1st June. A few changes will also be revealed. Writers who enter will be encouraged to contribute fiction(a passion of mine) or personal musings.

Another passion of mine is new bloggers – there will be plenty of scope in the format for you to get to know some talented writers that have been blogging within the last year. I am very excited about sharing it all with you.

Now on to the SoSS.

I read all the Food for Thought links each week. When choosing these post I checked over the entries since January and simply picked the ones that had remained in my mind. Those I recognised straight away.

Here are the ones I recommend – along with the prompt they were written for.



  • Elliott Henry always entertains me with his posts. These black and white images are fun and creative.
  • When I looked through these photos from Cousin Pons I was quite over whelmed as they give us a little insight into his past life.


  • I have followed Jae Lynn since she first stated blogging. This post is, as usual, very insightful and also celebrates a project we were involved in together.



Inspiring Relatives

  • This is such a wonderful post where Julie tells us all about her inspiring Nan. And the photo is just magic.
  • I was quite astounded when I read this post from Marie about all the creativity in her family. And you simply have to take a look to see some of Marie's own art.

Myth Busting





Time Slip

  • This is a wonderful post from Carolyn Luna about a what if - what if when you are just about to go through an horrendous time you are handed a letter from the future saying all will be fine.


Love Letter

  • This post from Brigit is simply beautiful. A must read in my opinion.
  • I really like the framework of this latter Missy sends to His Lordship. 
  • I have a confession - I adore all Modesty's F4T posts. However, this one stood out for me.




  • Zoe from Sex is my New Hobby discusses the homes she has had during her life 
  • This post from Mrs Fever is just brilliant. I won't spoil it for you - so go and read...
  • Jupiter discusses moving and what home means to her.


So to finish I really hope to see all of you on the new style 4Thoughts or Fiction and just in case you were unsure - I welcome posts from EVERYONE – and look forward to reading your work...
May More xx


  1. Thank you for all you do maintaining this meme, for including my post with these other amazing peoples work.

    Exciting times ahead.


    1. Ah TY Sweet for joining in with such great work

  2. Thank you, Floss and May, for including me. I don't often contribute much here, I'll try to be back more.

  3. Just a big, big thank you! Francesca.

  4. Excited that fiction pieces will be allowed going forward.

  5. Such a lovely compilation collection of inspiring and wonderful posts ... and honoured to be mentioned.
    And I shall certainly be visiting for more 4Thoughts in the future!!!
    Xxx - K



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