Friday, 13 April 2018

F4TFriday #43 - Foot In Mouth Disease

You're in a club/bar/other location.  You've spotted someone who has taken your fancy. Glances have been exchanged and their body language is an invitation to approach.  You walk towards them, trying to come up with a good opening line, and then...

Yes, we're talking chat ups.

Do you have a tried and tested chat-up line?
Have you ever used, or had a really corny line used on you?  Did it work?
Are you calm and confident, or are you like Jeff?


  1. I thought I was onto it this week but just missed the link up. My post can be found here I posted this weeks and last weeks answers because I was too late then too. Going to get onto this weeks now! (Hope it's ok to share the link in the comments here.) I love this meme by the way

    1. Thanks Zara. No problem at all. I've also added your link above. Thanks for taking part.



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