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F4TFriday #113 - The Why of Blogging

The Why of Blogging #F4TFriday #113
#F4TFriday #113 The Why of Blogging

#113 - The Why of Blogging

Thank you to everyone who was inspired to share their thoughts on the prompt chosen by Swirly - ‘Rituals.' It’s interesting to see the various aspects of life where we all embrace rituals, or in some cases how folks don't place importance on rituals. We got beautifully varied perspectives and we loved it. The spotlight post this week has been chosen by the talented Cousin Pons. Let me hand you over to him...

#112 - Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post by Cousin Pons

Thank you to all nineteen writers for your posts on the subject of Rituals. I have been taken on an emotional journey through posts containing pain, suffering, joy, elation, sadness and moments filled with humour. For some rituals and routines are the bedrock of their lives and for others they are the habits, which rumble along, almost unnoticed. It was difficult to choose. So many excellent posts. I loved Mr More's and some of the others were very moving and my eyes are still full of tears of laughter after reading Nero's entry.

The post I would like to put in the Spotlight is Rituals and Memories by Swirling Fire. I have always been interested in memory and the tricks it can play on us. Swirling Fire describes, in her very matter of fact way, how her well structured and ordered day, was suddenly thrown into a sickening turmoil by the arrival of a text just before she went to work. It was an innocuous text but the timing of it precisely mirrored a dreadful one she had received years earlier.

“It took me to the exact second of receiving a mindWizard text in the past, it was early in the day, before work, and timed the day before a long pre-arranged weekend together. Coldly Informing me that he had a new woman. We would not be communicating in future. I had also spent money on new lingerie, outfits, turned down work bookings, looking forward to spending time with him. It never once crossed my mind the sentiment was not reciprocated. The tidal wave of manipulation and hurt was a full body blow that I couldn’t calm. Why my mind creates these painful synapses needs to be explored and worked upon. It’s an unkind unhelpful reflex.” Read More...

Prompt #113 - The Why of Blogging

Searching the archives I found weeks focused on why we started our current blogs and what inspires us. This week’s topic is neither of those. What I want to know is why? Why do we let
Floss Asks
the words fall out of us? Would we write regardless of having a blog? If so what is is that draws us into blogging?

What is it that compels you to write? 
Have those reasons varied over time? 

As always the questions are just to get us thinking, feel free to take the prompt in any way that inspires you. The aim as ever is to get us all thinking, writing and sharing in all our own unique ways. 

May Says …

I asked May, If you had to (the world depends on it) start another blog, not related to sex or BDSM, what would your chosen topic be and why?

Easy peasy - Nutrition and Cooking from scratch on a budget - because I have a great deal of knowledge about both and I do not think  people are educated enough about such matters

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