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F4TFriday #112 - Rituals

#F4TFriday #112 ~ Rituals rites
#F4TFriday #112 ~ Rituals

We are very happy with our growing #f4tFriday community. Thank you to all who got involved again or for the first time last week.

#111 Spotlight Post

The Spotlight post turned into a spotlight top3 as we had so many lovely entries from you guys. Thank you so much for supporting the meme.

The Round Up included Posy Churchgate, Zebra Rose and Kurvy Kinkster. Please take a look at the Round Up post... 

Prompt #112 Rituals
This weeks topic was suggested by Swirly. Many of you will have read her thought provoking posts on Melody's blog.

I think rituals is a subject we can all relate to whether we look at the ones we carry out in our lives now or from the past
  • Definition ~ a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, sometimes without even thinking about them.
  • Origins ~ 1560s, from Middle French ritual or directly from Latin ritualis - relating to (religious) rites. 
Floss and I look forward to reading whatever you want to write on this topic but in case you would like a little guidance here are a few questions for you to think about.

May Asks
Do you see rituals as a positive endeavor or similar to an obsession?
What ritual would you like to include in your life if you had the time and/or energy?
Are Rituals important within your relationship?

To show your support for others please remember to try and read and comment on a few of the entries.

Children are often very ritualistic. I asked floss if she had a particular rituals when she was a child.
Floss Says... 

When I was little I had endless rituals. I had a vivid imagination and rituals made sure things stayed in my head and couldn’t get me in the real world. Bedtime had the most rituals. The same movie every night, same sleeping position, same stuffie. Safety checks for terrors of the night! Then finally, maybe, some sleep!


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