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F4TFriday #110 - Taboo

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#F4TFriday #110 ~ Taboo

There was quite a lot of thinking out of the box for last weeks prompt of Face Value. Many thanks to all who joined in. Floss and I really want to make this meme all about you guys, and what you want to write about. Please get in touch with prompt ideas.

#109 Spotlight Post

A few weeks ago PJAWoode chose our very popular prompt of Selfies. Now he is back to pick the spotlight post for us.

I was really happy to get involved with F4tFriday again. The prompt of Face Value from Posy struck
f4tfriday spotlight #109 and taboo #110
Spotlight #109
a chord with many. Indeed her own post was very touching – particularly the comment that blogging makes her proud.

For some, masks are essential and part of their very essence. For others they are more problematic. The open exchange of thoughts, feelings and insights has been very humbling.

My standout spotlight post is from Submissy. Her post is wonderfully profound and really resonated with me. She says...

I am not sure you can ever really feel that you know the true make up of another person, even though you can know and appreciate their value to you. We all have hidden parts and various masks that we adorn in order to do what we need or want to do. Read More...

I would also like to give an honourable mention to Steeled Snake Charmer.

Yes, maybe I could be “all” of me all of the time. But, I really feel authentic in myself even when covering up parts of my life. I don’t lie, but I don’t share. These are private parts of me that I choose to share with the right people.

Prompt #110 Taboo

When looking for a description of taboo for this prompt I found many quite long winded similar explanations. That is because Taboo means different things to different people.  Something considered taboo may be an activity or discussion that your society, culture or moral upbringing deems as off limits for one reason or another. Risque. A no-no. Remember the questions are just a guide.

taboo f4tfriday #110 may more sex matters
May asks...

Share with us an act or talk you have had taken part in that may be considered Taboo by some people you know.

How did it make you feel. Have you told or written about it?

Remember what is taboo for one person may not be considered that way for another. For example, take a look at what Floss says below.

Floss Says...

I asked Floss if anyone she has known in her life ever admitted to being involved in something that they thought was Taboo.

Growing up my own family history was taboo, my paternal grandfather was a very taboo subject & rightly so, as he was a psychopathic human being. I suspect with that situation as my benchmark for taboo, there isn't a lot else in the world that surprises me.

Late to the party but very welcome
Nero and Taboo Stories
Posy and Thoughts on Taboo
J.Lynn and More than One

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