Friday, 11 January 2019

F4TFriday #81 - What Time is Love?

I admit, I'm showing my age, dredging up a classic KLF track from 1991 as the topic title this week. Sometimes though, these things just have to be done.

Some of us are morning people, bursting with energy even before the alarm clock has gone off. Others are more lunchtime/afternoon types, who need a little time to get properly into our stride. Then there are the evening/night people who catch their second second wind and come alive as the day winds down.

When it comes to sex, as is so often the case, a lot of it is down to available time, mood, location and circumstances and, while we may have our preferences, we grab our fun when we can.

What we want to know this week is:

What is your favourite time for getting it on? Do you prefer some horizontal cardio before getting out of bed? Do you like to fit in a quick session at lunchtime? Do you prefer a "nightcap" to wind down before you go to sleep?
Is it different at the weekends/on holidays to during the week?
What is it about a particular time of day (or night) that puts you in the mood?

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