Friday, 18 January 2019

F4TFriday #82 - Reveaing All

So, all of us, I would imagine, take our clothes off at some time and there can, obviously, be a host of non-sexual reasons for doing so: taking a shower, going to bed, a medical examination, etc. The chances are that, in doing so, we have undressed in the presence of others.

Sometimes, however, the intent is absolutely sexual; to provoke desire and elicit a lust-fueled response, or maybe just to tease, taunt and frustrate.

So, this week, it's all about stripping off, and we are asking:
Have you ever played any game, e.g strip poker, where removing clothes was a forfeit for losing? How far did you take it? Did you deliberately play to lose?
Have you ever danced naked in front of anyone? What prompted the experience?
Have you ever given a partner (or someone else) a private dance? Has someone ever done so for you?
Have or would you ever perform a lap dance/striptease for a complete stranger?
Would you consider, or have you ever, accepted payment to remove your clothes?
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