Thursday, 25 July 2019

Selfies - Guest Post

Selfies guest post Muse dreamer
#F4tFriday Selfies Guest Post from Muse Dreamer

Introduction by May More.

I have been following Muse Dreamer for some time now and really enjoy the photos, mainly selfies that she posts on Twitter. When this prompt was suggested I immediately thought of her and a few others who constantly put out stunning shots on Twitter. I suggested that Muse get involved and here she is with some fabulous selfie shots for us to enjoy. Please welcome her to Food for Thought...

Selfies Guest Post from Muse Dreamer


Copyright MuseDreamer99

Selfies guest post muse dreamer

Selfies #108


  1. What I really adore about these selfies is your mouth - you do have an amazing mouth and it just adds to the allure of the photos - May x

  2. Oh these are all fabulous! I am trying to pick a favourite but they're all too lovely to choose just one. Thank you so much for sharing them with us for F4TFriday :)

  3. Stunning, so poised and elegant, super sexy and I agree with you May, the inclusion of Dreamer's mouth in the frame really adds something personal to the images. So glad she joined in with the meme.

  4. Oh my,I instantly recognised that smile. Lovely selfie MD .

  5. So lovely and like you I love her images




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