Friday, 12 July 2019

#F4TFriday #107 - Mmmm ... Movies

Mmmm ... Movies #F4TFriday #107
#F4TFriday #107 Mmmm ... Movies

Thank you for another fabulous week, your thoughts on ‘crazy’ were utterly fabulous. There was a wide range of choices for the spotlight post but I finally managed to make a decision. 

#106 Spotlight Post

When I read Violet Grey’s post about hypocrisy I very nearly whooped at my screen whilst hollering ‘you tell ‘em, Violet’. The behaviours Violet discusses drive me to the edge of distraction and because she voiced something I feel so strongly about I couldn’t not choose it for my spotlight post. 

‘One thing that absolutely makes my blood boil is ignorance. Now, I don’t mean if you innocently just don’t know something and wish to learn, I mean the ignorance where people are exclusionary, prejudiced and just outright awful to others for ridiculous reasons.’

Prompt #107 ~ Mmm … Movies

If I’ve learnt one thing from talking to a wide range of kinky folk it’s that the media we consumed as youngsters definitely shaped many of our fantasies, sexual and/or kinky desires. While it may not be true for everyone, and the degrees to which it is true may vary, I think at some point or another we’ve all seen a movie or TV show that has aroused us. My thoughts or always seem to go to specific moments rather than whole movies or shows though. What about you?

Do you have a scene (or scenes) from a movie/TV show would you love to reenact?
Can you credit any movie/TV show for the origination of any of your kinks/sexual interests?

If those questions are a little too specific and you’d rather just share endless YouTube clips of sexy movies or fictional characters I am here for that too and remember, sexy is objective, please don’t hold back because your favourite sexy movie doesn’t always seem sexy to others. Myself and May still want to hear all about it, in any way that the prompt inspires. 

May Says …

I asked May … Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? If so who and why did they appeal to you?

I have had obsessions about a few books and TV programs when I was young but the character that really got under my skin was Tarzan. I read the Edgar Rice Burroughs books when still at primary school and was spellbound by the plot and by him - Tarzan. What a way to live. It went a little further than that. I didn't just want to know him I wanted to be HIM. I had it bad. Would daydream for hours about it. Kids eh!

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