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F4TFriday #105 - Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication #F4TFriday #105
#F4TFriday #105 Conscious Communication
It was a rollercoaster of emotions reading last week's posts for our 'Near Misses' topic.
Thank you to May for getting the cogs whirring on that one and to everyone who shared their experiences whether they made us laugh or cry, and trust me they did both, we were very grateful for them.

#104 Spotlight Post

This was a tough choice, A Near Miss from Jupiter Grant is the one that got me right in the feels though. Despite the very different experiences and the ways in which we expressed our struggles, so much of her post resonated with me and I suspect that will also hold true for others. I know how hard posts like this are to write and we are truly blessed when our fellow bloggers open up to us. 

'The insidious thing about depressive illness is that it snuck up on me and it was only upon reflection, after the worst had passed and with the help of therapy, that I saw how the illness had been building over a period of years, how there were warning signs and triggers. Unfortunately, at the time I had no idea how damaging their cumulative effect could be.'

Prompt #105 ~ Conscious Communication

As a kinkster, non-monogamous person and sex blogger communication is a big topic of conversation. I am a big believer that it isn’t as simple as it seems though. In many an advice columns, the advice offered can sometimes be summarised as ‘talk to your partner/boss/best friend’ but what if that is a hurdle we can’t overcome? With that in mind, I ask you this …

  • Do you have any tops tips when it comes to creating good communication habits?
  • What is the best lesson you learnt about yourself and how you communicate?

As always general responses inspired by the topic of the prompt are more than welcome, especially with a topic as broad as this one.

Mays Says ...

This week I asked May 'Have you ever had a conversation go so wrong that it was comical or just left you wondering what on earth had happened to derail things so badly?

I racked my brains over this question and could only come up with a time when an email I sent was misunderstood. I was re-connecting with 'my man' after many years but was still in a relationship and had one child at home. However, I agreed to meet as friends. I tried to tell him in an email that I could not get together with him until further down the line and I hoped he would be patient with me. However, it came across as if I was saying he was a sex-mad crazed lune and I was gods gift to men. He took offence and we nearly didn't meet!

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