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F4TFriday #104 - A Near Miss

a near miss #104 #f4tfriday
#F4TFriday #104 is - A Near Miss

What a great question from Floss for last weeks prompt. Many thanks to all who ventured in ;-)
This week it is my turn(May) to host and also chose a spotlight post from last weeks entries... 

#103 Spotlight Post

All the posts from #103 were just marvelous – I mean it. Floss and I are so chuffed with your support of the meme.

My spotlight post this week is this one from Melody. You will totally understand why I chose this entry when you read the quote:

a near miss
Ask me at about the youngest age I can remember and I’d have described something like this picture. I wanted to grow up to be the maiden tied to the tracks.
I’m not sure I cared about some dumb handsome lumberjack coming to rescue me. I cared about being bound and helpless – oh, and female. ReadMore...

But I also want to give an honourable mention to Purple's Gem for their entry.

Prompt #104 ~ A Near Miss

Near Miss - Close Call - Narrow Escape - Close Shave. 
A near miss  is an unplanned event that has the potential to cause harm...

a near miss
Call it what you will...

Tell us all about a near miss/narrow escape you've had and how you moved on from it. Be it a person, a sexual act or simply something else that happened to you. We want to read all about it.

Here are a couple of questions for guidance.

A near miss f4tfriday #104
May asks...
Have you ever had a Near Miss experience, survived to tell the tale, and wondered how you got away with it? 
What was it and how did it make you feel?

Floss Says...

I asked my lovely co-host Floss this question:

Looking back to an even younger Floss can you pin point a moment when you had a narrow escape, but it was ONLY when you reflected back that you recognised it as such?

When I was 14-16 chat rooms were just taking off and myself and a friend met two chaps online. I actually wanted to go to London to meet an older girl! Luckily my Mum was outraged that I’d even ask and said no. But I often wonder if the girl even existed and what would have happened if I'd gone. As for the two chaps we met, one was 16 and was nice enough. The other was 22! Luckily my friend and I came as a pair and never came to any harm.

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