Friday, 26 October 2018

F4TFriday #71 - Just A Quickie

I'll confess, I've been somewhat disorganised this week. Things have been stupidly busy and the days have just flown by. As such I was just a little horrified when I realised I hadn't got a question lined up and I needed to come up with something pretty damned quick.

It's a tenuous link, I'll admit, but sometimes a quick one is all we have time for. There's an overwhelming sense of urgency, and just about enough time to play with if you both want it badly enough, don't stand on ceremony, and just get on and do it.

So, with that in mind, what we want to know is:

What are your views on quickies?
When was the last time you had one, what were the circumstances behind it?
Have you got any particular favourite positions/activities that you employ when the need is great but time is not on your side?
PS: If there's a question you'd like us to ask, feel free to contact us via the suggestion box or on twitter.

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