Friday, 19 October 2018

F4TFriday #70 - Brick Walls and Inspirations


A few weeks back, we asked you about how you got started in the blogging community. While starting a blog is a big step, keeping it going can, at times, seem a daunting task.

In the early days of your blogging career, you may be bursting with ideas that you want to explore and set down as you find your voice and style. Later, as you become more established, things may level off and you are comfortably able to keep your blog ticking over.

Sometimes, however, things get trickier; the ideas run out, the imagination fails, you hit a creative brick wall. It happens, as they say, to the best of us.

With that in mind, what we want to know this week is:

Where do the ideas for your content come from?

How do you get inspiration? Who or what inspires what you post?

How do you decide  what to share, and why?

Once again, I am indebted to the wonderful Marie Rebelle, author of Rebel's Notes and host of #WickedWednesday (aka @RebelsNotes) for providing the inspiration for this week's question.
PS: If there's a question you'd like us to ask, feel free to contact us via the suggestion box or on twitter.

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