Friday, 19 July 2019

F4TFriday #108 - Selfies.

selfies posy churchgate
#F4TFriday #108 Selfies ~ Image copyright, Posy Churchgate

We had some very entertaining posts on the subject of Movies last week. Thank you all for linking up with Food for Thought.

#107 Spotlight Post
The post by El Byrne left it's mark on me in more ways than one. She is so right about her
Spotlight Post
assessment of the movie A Star is Born but then she goes into personal details about her own life and situations which look as if they were running parallel to the film script.

They really appreciate you at your job. Well done. I wish my job appreciated me. You know they always say they are going to promote me but they don’t. I can’t do anything right. Read More...

Prompt #108 ~ Selfies

 This weeks prompt was suggested by PJ Woode. It is a very simple and fab idea and is all about selfies. Tell us about your selfies, show us them or even better do both. 

The selfie is defined as a self-portrait taken with your cellphone. 

If you would like a little bit of guidance here are a couple of questions for you.

  • Is there a moment when you were going to take/send a selfie and you didn't?
    May asks...
    Looking back do you wish you had?
  • Are there any selfies that you DID send or publish that you really wish you had kept to yourself. What influenced you to send that photo?

Floss Says...

I asked Floss to add a link showing us her favourite selfie on her blog and tell us why she likes it so much.

One of my favourite set of selfies I've taken belongs to my post ThisThing Inside Me. I love them because for me they ooze strangeness and in some ways, they feel a little foreboding and I like that promise of danger and darkness. They don't tell a tale about me, but rather they feel like a character's story told through pictures rather than words. 

NB: Floss and I are looking into changing the link up days for this meme. We will give you plenty of warning before we go ahead.


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  1. Well you have seen my bravest selfie.

    I had the idea but not sure if I'd have the gumption. One of my kids was in the house when I took this too! (braver and braver) I am totally naked except for my watch and that tie, which was my grandfather's. I used double sided tape to make sure my nipples were covered no matter how I moved (my 1st efforts taught me I needed that!)

    I was very nervous to post it, felt I would get the sharing 'hangover'
    and regret it ... but I didn't. I also didn't tell my OH until more than a week later, then I showed him. He could hardly believe it was me, but he was excited. In fact I know he visits my blog just to look at it some days! Now if that isn't a compliment, I dunno what is.

    So no I don't regret it.

    1. I knew the second I saw the image! Absolutely Fabulous!!!

  2. I've read most of this weeks posts.
    My browser does not seem to download the "like" button on my phone.

    Great words and brave fabulous photos everyone!
    Maybe one day....

    Swirly 💓🔥

  3. Oh!!! I just saw this! Selfies are my thing!

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